iSTRAT Turns to CACHÉ to Improve Speed and Performance

InterSystems has announced a new partnership with systems integrator and professional services consultants iSTRAT. Following trials, iSTRAT now plans to use CACHÉ post-relational database technology to power its successful Volition billing solution, replacing a traditional, relational database. Because CACHÉ ensures far quicker and therefore more cost-effective transactions, iSTRAT also plans to recommend the technology to its key clients.

iSTRAT's Volition micro-payment system allows clients such as Sky Sports to charge for online digital content via mobile phone operators such as Vodaphone. Because CACHÉ has been shown to be up to 20 times faster than traditional data systems it offers the almost instant transaction speed needed for this type of application.

"iSTRAT is a value-based consultancy and from our trials we have seen that CACHÉ can add demonstrable business value," says iSTRAT managing director, Ian Evetts. "It offers us a truly scaleable solution with considerable raw computing power and, because of its combination of object, relational and multi-dimensional technologies and its close integration with .NET, JAVA, XML SOAP and Web Services, it provides great flexibility and speed when developing applications.

"Also, although we had originally built Volition on a relational database, we were able to easily plug in CACHÉ without any problem."

Evetts says that he sees the new relationship with InterSystems as a "good cultural fit". He adds: "There is excellent synergy between iSTRAT and InterSystems - they are both privately-owned, people-focused companies, renowned for offering consulting with integrity."

InterSystems' sales manager Chris Norton agrees: "CACHÉ is ideal for solutions such as Volition which require fast online access to large volumes of data - we're also looking forward to working closely with iSTRAT on further applications."

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