PMG NetAnalyst IPO value exceeds both Microsoft and Cisco

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

In a surprising move that has rocked the networking industry, Pine Mountain
Group, Inc. headquartered in Folsom, CA, goes public with an astounding
reception by the market. The company which has been training and supporting
thousands of the nations network analysts that troubleshoot and maintain
over 75 of the Fortune 100, and assisted the Pentagon immediately following
the 911 attacks is found to be an amazing opportunity by the investment

Microsoft espouses the company's DocuNetâ„¢ methodology as the recommended
best practice for professional network documentation. Bill Alderson, CEO of
Pine Mountain Group, Inc. says "Much as an architect creates blueprints
using standardized depiction methods to build or modify a structure, so
DocuNetâ„¢ offers a standardized visualization so that all network
professionals can collaborate effectively to build and control highly
reliable, redundant and robust computer networks. A huge problem many
technologists face today is working on systems that are so large and complex
that configuration mistakes commonly bring down systems due to technical

The company has trained thousands of IT professionals in over 20 countries and its Certified NetAnalyst® program is the largest for Network Forensic
Professionals in the world.

To hear an inspiring message from founder and CEO Bill Alderson about the
importance of moving our nation forward during a trying time, watch the ABC
News release on Pine Mountain Group's call to action by the Pentagon after the 911 attacks where Bill is quoted as saying "the best retaliation Americans can choose is moving on as we always have in the face of danger - that's what Americans have always done and that's the best retaliation."

The going public part is an April Fool's jest, the truth is that your company's value can indeed be increased ultimately in the marketplace by implementing DocuNet™ and ensuring your technologists are Certified NetAnalysts®, fully prepared to maintain your network at the highest level of readiness.

Hear Bill speak about what we as technologists can do to "move on courageously" at Network Forensics Day, held Monday April 28th in Las Vegas, NV., during NetWorld+Interop 2003. The show will present how IT professionals can improve their company and nation's computer networks. One session Bill will deliver is on the Top 10 problems affecting IT systems today and how to mitigate their occurrence.

Register today for Network Forensics Day and save 15%. IMPORTANT: when registering, be sure to use Coupon Code: 672 and Priority
code: EMPG2 in order to receive your discount.

If you are interested in learning about our DocuNetâ„¢ methodologies, we urge
you to sign up for our Network Documentation class to be held in Sacramento
on June 16-18.

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