EAI Industry Consortium to Address the EAI Congress 2003

The EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Industry Consortium announced today that it is addressing the EAI Congress 2003 in Madrid, Spain. Steve Craggs, European Chair for EAIIC and Ankur Laroia, EAIIC President are presenting keynote speeches at this annual event which continues from the 2nd to the 3rd April.

The EAI Industry Consortium, a non-profit global advocacy group, developed to promote Enterprise Application Integration through sponsored research, the establishment of standards and guidelines, best practices and articulation of strategic and measurable benefits, will be speaking at a number of events such as the EAI Congress as part of their remit.

Highlights of the conference include the examination of technical limitations of the first EAI projects executed in Spain, Europe and USA and the evaluation of a step-by-step methodology that allows the development and building of IT architectures on the web and takes into account the impact of web services in the EAI environment. The conference will also include discussions covering technical problems of the diverse integration environments.

Steve Craggs, EAIIC Vice-Chair for Europe says "We are delighted to be supporting the EAI Congress 2003 conference. It will be an excellent knowledge sharing opportunity, bringing real value to the attendees and making it exactly the sort of event the Consortium wishes to encourage."

Wolfgang Martin, an independent analyst, is also be presenting, and EAIIC Chairman Michael Khubock will be in attendance throughout the conference.

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