EuroMTS Appoints Scott Stark to Head EuroMTS Index

London, April 16, 2003 – EuroMTS today announced the appointment of Scott Stark to develop the EuroMTS Index, the new eurozone government bond index calculated using prices from the MTS Group.
Mr. Stark joins the company from STOXX Limited, where he served as Managing Director and where he was a key figure in establishing STOXX Limited as the leading equity index provider in Europe. Mr. Stark is a recognised expert in indices and related instruments including index funds, index derivatives and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Gianluca Garbi, Chief Executive Officer of EuroMTS, said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Scott on board. His in-depth knowledge and expertise in index products, derived from years of operational and marketing experience in the industry, will be a driving force in the success of EuroMTS Index.”

Mr. Stark said: "The new EuroMTS Index is a great opportunity to bring greater transparency to the eurozone government bond market and it will help create a new marketplace for ETFs, futures & options and other financial products based on bond indices."

The EuroMTS Index is the successor to the well-established CNO Etrix Indices and will be the first eurozone government bond index calculated in real time, based on tradable prices. The index design offers institutional investors, fund managers and producers of financial instruments an easily replicated and completely independent government bond benchmark.

The development of the transparent and independent EuroMTS Index is made possible by the role of MTS as the independent, pan-European platform for centralised price discovery, enjoying the cumulative result of hundreds of investment banks operating on the system from over four thousand connections across Europe.

The EuroMTS Index will bring the efficiencies and transparencies long experienced in the equity markets to the bond markets, and will be a valuable addition to the range of instruments currently available to investors, banks and analysts. Furthermore, the EuroMTS Index will complement the products and services offered by the MTS Group to institutional investors. Existing services offered to the buy-side include the sale of real-time market data, and the provision of BondVision, the regulated Dealer to client platform. The availability of real-time market data will offer unique transparency into the index for fund managers, and Bond Vision offers possibilities for introducing index-related functionalities, such as index tracking tools.

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