Eduardo Loigorri, Managing Director of Exchequer Software, has been unanimously elected Chairman of BASDA (the Business Application Software Developers Association) by the General Council, following the retirement of Theo Van Dort after ten years.

Accepting the Chairmanship, Eduardo Loigorri told the BASDA Membership at the recent BASDA AGM:

"Theo is leaving a wonderful ten year legacy, which I shall do my best to continue because I share his founding conviction that, as an industry, we desperately need a unified voice to represent us. That conviction is as sound today as it was when Theo and Dennis (Keeling) first conceived of BASDA."

"So what does BASDA mean to me? Above all, BASDA is a two-way conduit. It is a means by which all of us within our industry can ensure that we are represented on issues affecting the fundamental way we do business. Good examples of this have been VAT and Inland Revenue legislation as well as the Euro. BASDA must also serve as a single point of contact in reverse, allowing government and the like access to our views and opinions via a visible and credible face."

"A superb example of these two facets has been the remarkable progress BASDA has made in getting eBIS-XML established as a standard for electronic business. Perhaps this initiative above all others shows what BASDA is capable of achieving when competitive differences are laid aside and we as an industry work together for a common purpose."

"Looking forward, working with the General Council I see my role being to encourage BASDA to remain true to its roots as our trade association, and significantly develop its place as an independent standards body which will help us determine and influence the shape of our own industry."

Since its inception, Exchequer Software has been a member and staunch supporter of BASDA. Eduardo Loigorri, one of the co-founders of Exchequer, has been in the industry for 18 years. He was elected to the BASDA General Council in 1999 where he was instrumental in spearheading the eBIS-XML standard owing to the considerable technical knowledge he brings from Exchequer. Automation is the cornerstone of Exchequer’s design philosophy. Eduardo Loigorri has always embraced the latest technology, but with an emphasis on the benefit it gives to end-users.

Theo Van Dort, one of the Founders of BASDA, was elected as its first Chairman in 1993 and has continued in the chair for ten years. He told the Members that he had thoroughly enjoyed his time in the role which had begun when, as Managing Director of accounting software supplier, TAS Books, he had persuaded around forty of his competitors to get together to form a trade association to represent the interests of the application software industry.

"Over the years the role of BASDA has changed and broadened," he said. "We now have more than 300 Members and we also operate as a major international standards body. We are recognised as advisors to the Government and we have set and maintained standards in many areas. Currently we are working on eBusiness and our eBIS-XML standard is the only open standard that we know of, anywhere, that is in operational use by both Government and commercial organisations."

"I feel it is the right time to stand down. Two years ago we sold TAS Books to Sage and I am now planning to retire from the industry, so I am delighted to hand over to Eduardo, whom, I believe, will continue the independent stance which I have tried to maintain throughout my time as Chairman and will take BASDA forward to meet the new challenges which our industry will face over the next few years."

Theo's contribution to the development of BASDA did not go unrecognised. He was unanimously adopted as Life President of BASDA and was presented with an engraved glass 'BASDA Award' and a framed document signed by his friends and colleagues.

For further information, please contact:
Dennis Keeling
Chief Executive
01494 677699

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