PolarLake(tm) introduces technology roadmap announcing major new product releases

(Dublin, Ireland/Tokyo, Japan: 14th April 2003) PolarLake, a leader in
enterprise XML and Web Services integration, today announced its technology
roadmap, reinforcing the company's commitment to solving real world problems
faced by enterprises implementing mission critical XML and Web
Services-based solutions. The PolarLake product range offers a complete
platform for implementing XML and Web Services-based application integration
solutions, including those based on the emerging Enterprise Service Bus
(ESB) architecture.

The products slated for release in Q2, 2003 are:
- The PolarLake JIntegrator (Enterprise XML and Web Services
Platform for Java(tm)) which provides a complete platform for creating new,
or extending existing, Java and J2EE-based XML and Web Service systems,
while meeting the most demanding performance and reliability requirements.
The product can be used in a wide range of solutions from XML-based
integration of individual applications to enterprise-wide implementation of
the Enterprise Service Bus architecture, with support for content-based
routing, publish-and-subscribe, and Web Services.
- The PolarLake Messaging Integrator (XML Integration,
Brokering and Transformation) provides complete support for XML-based
integration, including routing, validation and processing. It features the
PolarLake Mapper, a sophisticated high performance XML transformation engine
with a graphical interface, allowing the most complex transformations to be
easily defined. Other features include support for mapping between non-XML
and XML formats, and business activity monitoring.
- The PolarLake Database Integrator V3.0 (XML-to-Database
Integration) provides complete support for the dynamic integration of XML
and Web Services with relational databases. Version 3.0 includes support
for IBM's DB2 and additional support for complex transformations between
XML-formatted and relational-formatted data.

"PolarLake's products are already central to the XML and Web Services-based
integration solutions we offer to our customers. I believe this
announcement further extends PolarLake's technology leadership in this
space. These products will allow us to address new problems for our
customers and deliver solutions at greatly reduced cost, without sacrificing
performance, scalability or flexibility." said Shigeaki Takeuchi, Director,
Business Planning & Development Department, Hitachi Systems & Services.

"Few would deny that XML has made a dramatic impact on the way we develop
software for both enterprise and domestic users. The tools used by
developers are for the most part standard programming languages and web
servers," commented Jonathan Stephenson, CBDI Forum. "In contrast,
PolarLake stands out from the current clutch of Web Services software
products in the way it is focused on the real-world customer".
"Our focus remains on addressing the real world problems faced by
corporations using XML and Web Services. All of our products integrate out
of the box with enterprise applications and infrastructure". said Ronan
Bradley, CEO, PolarLake. "These new products allow us to continue to meet
the needs of our customers as they deploy our products in mission critical
environments. The PolarLake products can be used together to provide a
complete enterprise-strength application integration platform, or separately
to solve point integration problems. "

PolarLake Products
PolarLake's range of products make it simple to build, integrate and deploy
enterprise grade systems that create, transform, validate, route and process
XML and Web Services, without sacrificing performance or scalability. While
addressing different requirements, each of PolarLake's products delivers:
Technology integration with PolarLake's Dynamic XML Runtime(tm), which provides a highly scalable, high performance runtime server that integrates with enterprise infrastructure such as queuing systems, management infrastructure and legacy applications.

Business integration with PolarLake's data-centric XML Circuits(tm)approach, which allows developers and business users to rapidly deliver new solutions with minimum disruption to existing systems and maximum leveraging of existing assets and skills.

Unique tools that leverage existing skills to provide an intuitive
XML-centric environment, which support the software life cycle and are based
exclusively on open standards.

PolarLake is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in London, New
York and Tokyo. The company sells both directly and through a global
network of partners such as SpiritSoft and Hitachi Systems & Services.
Customers include leading corporations such as Pioneer Investments
(financial services) and Midwest Wireless (telecommunications).

For more information please contact:
Margaret Blake
Marketing Communications
Block F1, East Point Business Park
Dublin 3, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 449 1010
Fax: +353 1 449 1011

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