New Web-based Reporting and Remote Copy Functionality Provide Ease-of-Use and Safety for Off-site Data

CHICAGO, Storage Management Conference Booth No. 303, April 10, 2003 – Doing more with less is a familiar refrain in data centres today. With shrinking IT budgets and fewer resources available, storage managers are tasked with keeping businesses running without wasting storage capacity. Enter StorageTek’s V2X2 Shared Virtual Array (SVA™) disk storage system.

StorageTek® (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:STK), the data storage and solutions expert, today announced hardware and software enhancements to the SVA™ disk storage system for both mainframe and open systems environments effectively doubling open system capacity and providing enhanced reporting, SnapShot and replication capability. With the launch of the latest enhancements to StorageTek’s V-series of virtual disk offerings at Storage Management Conference (SMC) 2003, StorageTek offers mainframe and open systems customers a cost-effective solution for protecting, sharing and managing information. The product will be showcased at StorageTek’s Booth.

"Our customers have told us loud and clear to help them eliminate excessive purchasing of under-utilised disk storage capacity while providing an enterprise-class storage solution to protect, share and manage the lifecycle of their data," said Bill Farnum, StorageTek vice president, SVA Product Line. "At the same time, customers tell me they need a storage solution that can do more with fewer people and disk resources. The StorageTek V2X2 SVA is the only storage device that can provide business continuity copies of critical data that requires zero storage capacity."

"With the SVA, when we purchase 12 terabytes of capacity, we actually can store that amount without an impact on performance," said Curt Borschel, manager, Enterprise Storage, Lufthansa Systems. "In some cases we are able to store more data on a box than the capacity we bought. This is giving us perfect flexibility, like using an elastic band. We look at one parameter from SVA Administrator reports, that's it. No volume activity reports or file activity analysis reports to analyze the activity. We don't have to do any of that because the SVA has that functionality built in. It's amazing."


Gary Wasko, manager of Technical Services for Allied Insurance, added, "I am very pleased with the ability SVA provides to collapse down four separate platforms to one platform, the ease of migrating almost seven terabytes of data with no outage, and the reliability and performance of the box."

"The total cost to manage disk storage today is rising more than ever before," said Ed Broderick, principal analyst, The Robert Frances Group. "Enterprises today still need to find ways to resolve their data storage requirements while not over-extending IT staff and resources. With StorageTek’s SVA, companies have an enterprise class disk storage solution that provides ease of management and resource optimisation to satisfy their growing business needs while sticking to their IT budget."

The StorageTek V2X SVA enhancements include:

Increased capacity – With the latest high performance Seagate 73GB drives, open systems users gain twice the effective capacity while both open systems and mainframe users gain an additional 10 percent performance gain. The SVA’s advanced design allows customers to utilise 100 percent of their purchased storage capacity and provides automated storage management functions.
Enhanced Remote Copy Functionality – As part of the SVA Virtual Power Suite Software, Power Point-to-Point Remote Copy (PPRC) software ensures that a synchronous remote mirror or an asynchronous point-in-time copy is available at a secondary site for production access in the event of disaster. PowerPPRC dramatically decreases synchronisation time between disk subsystems. Users can quickly and easily maintain remote copies of their production database without impacting production performance.
Simplified Reporting – SVAA Point-in-Time Reports, a key component to the SVA Virtual Power Suite, provides a consistent, easy to comprehend subsystem-level SVA reporting structure for all supported operating systems (except VM) via a common Web-based interface. Reports include subsystem summary, device detail and I/O interface detail all of which provide customers with a non-technical reporting structure. The new capability includes the ability to access and view reports from anywhere in the world.


The V2X2 SVA, SVAA Point-in-Time Reporting and PowerPPRC are available to customers worldwide today. SVAA Point-in-Time Reporting and PowerPPRC can be applied to all existing SVA installations. Training and support are available from StorageTek Global Professional Services and StorageTek-certified service partners.

About StorageTek

StorageTek (NYSE:STK), a $2 billion worldwide company with headquarters in Louisville, Colo., delivers a broad range of storage solutions that are easy to manage, integrate well with existing infrastructures and allow universal access to data across servers, media types and networks. StorageTek provides practical and safe storage solutions in disk, networking, services, tape and tape automation. For more information, see www.storagetek.com

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