TransactTools Upgrades Its Trade Connectivity Platform

ttCONNECT, ttCERT and ttALERT Tackle STP, Solve Global Connectivity Issues

New York, NY – September 17, 2002 – TransactTools, the first to provide a complete platform for messaging connectivity, today announced that it has upgraded its entire trade connectivity platform. Added are support for additional industry protocols, cost-effective and scalable high-availability functionality, and several user-interface and usability enhancements to ttALERT - the transaction analysis and connectivity monitoring and notification component of the platform

ttCONNECT, TransactTools' protocol engine, now supports NYSE's CMS protocol in addition to FIX and FIXML, creating a truly protocol-agnostic scenario that allows customers to centralize all of their messaging connectivity interfaces onto one global STP messaging server. This both simplifies integration and reduces the potential failure points within the trade lifecycle.

Also reducing points of failure is ttCONNECT's high-availability functionality, a cost-effective, scalable tool that requires no special hardware and allows customers to layer multiple, inexpensive servers to create a fault-tolerant environment.

ttALERT, a transaction analysis and connectivity monitoring and notification tool, now makes it easier for customers to manage multiple transactions, both locally and globally, from a single destination. This means that a customer in New York can watch and monitor transactions in London or Tokyo through a single user interface that is located back in New York.

ttALERT creates a window into the trading process so that if systems go down, or if transactions need to be handled manually, those can occur seamlessly and in real-time.

TransactTools’ platform consists of:

ttCONNECT, a multi-protocol engine providing connectivity, routing and compliance filtering.
ttCERT, a pre-production testing and certification tool.
ttALERT, a transaction and connectivity management tool.

"To see customers using the entire platform in production has been an incredible testament to how powerful and reliable messaging connectivity can be when it’s done right," said Sam Johnson, founder and CEO of TransactTools.

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