System Access establishes new records for eBanking performance and scalability

Banking Solutions Provider dramatically enhances eBanking end-user experience with record response time.

20 September 2002 – Singapore based System Access and Sun Microsystems today released the results of a benchmark of System Access' eBanking solutions that broke new grounds for online financial service performances and scalability. In an extensive benchmarking and load testing exercise from July to August this year, System Access proves once again the technological leadership of the SYMBOLS/Solaris combination for delivering highly scalable and reliable online financial services.

Conducted at Sun Microsystems' iForce Ready Centre, the test put the company's suite of SYMBOLS products through a series of trials on Sun platforms. The results demonstrated SYMBOLS' ability to deliver the following performance objectives:
· Dramatically cut down the response time for online banking services.
· Achieve high scalability on minimal resource increment.
· Maintain speedy and efficient services at high volume.

System Access provides universal banking solutions for top financial institutions around the world. SYMBOLS, the company's flagship product, is a culmination of over 800 man-years in product engineering. It offers over 30 different modules that effectively bring together all the functionality of a banking institution and present it as integrated services to customers.

The SYMBOLS modules support all banking functions, including retail, wholesale and treasury. The solutions enable a complete 360 degree intelligent view of the customer through an eCRM or eFinance platform. The result is highly personalized, one-to-one services that utilize all of an institute's knowledge of the customer

About the benchmark.
In July 2002, System Access participated in an extensive benchmark exercise with Sun Microsystems to determine the level of performance, scalability, and reliability of the SYMBOLS suite of products. The test was conducted on Sun platforms to gauge the solutions' performance for delivering online eBanking portal services.

Online delivery of services is particularly suited for testing user-experience, scalability, and reliability issues. As much as a quarter of online users have been known to abandon a transaction midway due to slow service responses. Furthermore, online traffic is likely to peak dramatically, causing heavy volume to drive through a portal at different hours of the day. Service slow- down during those hours, or frequent shut-down of the site are strong hindering factors that cause users to abandon the services of a portal.

At the Sun iForce Ready Centre, the tests were designed with several objectives in mind:
a. To determine the scalability of SYMBOLS eProducts v8 with the given hardware and software configurations.
b. To identify design issues pertaining to performance and scalability of SYMBOLS eProducts v8.
c. To determine the optimal parameters for Java-JVM (heap size etc), Weblogic application server and tuxedo.

The test, which lasted two months, ran the SYMBOLS solutions on a series of hardware configuration, including 4, 8 and 12 CPU machines. Response time for processing each request was clocked to include the entire transaction roundtrip from browser to the eProducts, to the backend and all the way through the middleware. Scalability was tested as well as linearity which establishes the increment in performance due to additional hardware.

The results were astounding. For each configuration, response time to a request was clocked at less than 1.5 seconds. For a single instance of application server running on 8 CPU of a Sun Solaris system, the average response time for processing each request was less than 1.2 seconds. On a 4-CPU machine, the SYMBOLS/Solaris combination proved capable of handling over 13 million hits a day with little to no slow down in transaction speed during peak volume.

Other performance metrics recorded include the following:
Ø Average response time for processing the request of each transaction/inquiry is less than 1.5 sec for all transactions.
Ø Delivered Hits Per Second of around 160
Ø Generated up to 16 Pages Per Second (PPS)
Ø Utilization of CPU is no more than 34%, 17% and 10% on 4, 8 and 12 CPU machines respectively, indicating the capability of the system to handle more transaction loads in the form of more concurrent users.

"The SYMBOLS benchmark is one of the best results we have seen at the center, which really demonstrated the product's capabilities in terms of performance, scalability and reliability. It also shows that there is real potential for the real-world application of the SYMBOLS/Sun Solaris partnership," said KB Png, Chief Technology Officer, Sun Microsystems Asia South.

The Sun benchmarks clearly show System Access as a leader in delivering end-to-end eBanking solutions. The average response time of less than 1.5 seconds for all transaction requests from browser to back-end, and back, is a new benchmark of eBanking performance. New standards of availability and scalability are also established with SYMBOLS scoring exceptionally on both counts.

These benchmark data establish the SYMBOLS/Solaris combination as one of the best performing J2EE based eBanking solutions stack available today.

"System Access is thrilled by the results of the Sun benchmarks. It demonstrates our ability to compete globally and deliver world-class eBanking solutions that outperform our competitors in several areas," said Aravinth Kumarasamy, Head of Product Development, System Access.

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