SWIFTNet FIX pilot uses Apt’s Real Time Interactive FIX Simulator for testing

Edinburgh, Scotland, 25 September 2002 - Apt Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) engines and connectivity software tools for the financial world, announces that SWIFT has purchased it's FIX Simulator for testing the SWIFTNet FIX pilot service.

For the past three months SWIFT has been running its SWIFTNet FIX pilot using Apt's FIX Simulator as part of the testing for its hub. The agreement to use Apt for the pilot was negotiated and signed earlier this summer. "The SWIFT technical team working on the pilot really put our Simulator through its paces covering every conceivable FIX scenario," said David Shobrook, Apt's Marketing Director.

"SWIFT needed an easy to use, flexible and powerful tool for message exchange testing with the pilot firms connecting to our FIX hub. Apt's Simulator was the perfect fit for this aspect of the comprehensive pre-live testing of the SWIFTNet FIX service" said Matt Fox, SWIFTNet FIX Program Manager.

The SWIFTNet FIX Service enables firms connected to SWIFTNet to access multiple trading partners around the world through a single FIX session. The service eliminates the need for firms to maintain multiple network and application-level connections to trading partners, substantially reducing the cost and risk associated with electronic trade communications.

For more information please contact:
Linda Handley,
Tel: 0131 524 9450

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