Thomas Cook Tour Operators (TCTO) Select Lexign

Lexign software to improve customer relations by expediting response to customer enquiries.

London, UK, 24 September, 2002 - Lexign, the leading provider of integrated software solutions for customers that require a trusted environment for e-business, today announced that Thomas Cook Tour Operators has selected the Lexign Suite to enhance customer service and operational efficiency by automating the process by which Thomas Cook responds to customer enquiries.

Selling an average of 3 million holidays per year, Thomas Cook Tour Operators (TCTO) formerly known as JMC, in the UK, is part of the second largest Pan-European Travel Group. TCTO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Cook AG.

Julie Naylor, Customer Relations Manager at TCTO said "Companies within the travel industry must maximise efficiency and lower overheads whilst maintaining high levels of customer service. To do this, we needed to increase customer satisfaction and projected revenue from returning customers, without incurring the financial burden of a traditional customer service department."

Processing customer enquiries was a manually intensive, paper-centric process with many bottlenecks for TCTO's Customer Relations department. Lexign's software solution was selected as the superior method for improving operating efficiency. Implemented by Mission Critical, a value added reseller, this solution was chosen based on the following criteria: business benefit, profitability, customer value, and scalability.

Using the Lexign software, TCTO scan customer service documentation and store the images in a central location therefore avoiding duplication, physical handling and the misplacement of documents. The software also permits the
identification and viewing of documents from different sites and can capture data on screen at 'point of entry' rather than on a manual form, omitting the re-keying and duplication of data, as well as avoiding human error. It
can automatically fax documents to on-site reps, and bring faxed replies directly into the system. Office space can be freed up by removing archive filing cabinets; which reduces the cost of physically storing, transferring and managing paper work. Data can be processed in accordance with the principles of the 1998 Data Protection Act to ensure compliance. The software can also enable recovery in the event of a disaster where physical records are lost. Moreover, the Lexign software processes the received documents based on TCTO's business processing rules.

Julie Naylor, Customer Relations Manager at TCTO commented, "Having implemented Lexign, we have found that our business process was streamlined and our processing times were shortened. This allows for timely processing of enquiries by the appropriate person, as well as improved customer service.

With the Lexign solution, any information or documentation received regarding a past enquiry is automatically directed to the person who resolved the first enquiry. This eliminates the need for someone to familiarise himself or herself with the case in question, and allows for personal attention to the customer," she added.

The solution has provided TCTO with many financial and non-financial benefits such as a reduction in the backlog of enquiries by 13%, enhanced efficiency of on-site staff and has reduced fax traffic with an estimated saving of GBP30,000 per year for this item alone. Overall the implementation has enabled TCTO to restructure its customer service operation - now more personalised in-depth response is written to each customer and each case can be investigated more thoroughly.

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