Reveleus Launches Comprehensive Suite of Business Intelligence and Analytic Applications

Industry's first product combining pre-built analytic applications with an innovative metadata-driven approach.

Scottsdale, AZ, Financial Services Technology Forum, September 23, 2002.
Reveleus, a division of i-flex solutions, today launched a suite of business intelligence infrastructure and analytic applications. Reveleus' products, which are live in more than a dozen countries, offer a set of pre-packaged analytic applications that enable companies to reduce costs, manage business risk and improve the quality of information. Reveleus' products are built on a unique metadata-driven technology platform, which provides a single point of knowledge and control across the enterprise empowering corporations to manage their knowledge resources and accurately track business performance.

Enterprises often struggle with unreliable and inconsistent data trapped in subject-area silos that inhibit decision-making and action by business users. Reveleus analytics directly address this problem by delivering the full picture across silos, with consistent, reliable information, powered by Reveleus Unified Metadata(tm). Reveleus enables action through a suite of pre-built analytic applications covering CRM, Risk Management and Performance Measurement.

"Analytic applications provide compelling ways to reduce costs and exploit revenue opportunities," said Dan Vesset, Research Manager at IDC. "Reveleus' combination of pre-built analytic applications and their metadata-driven approach offers enterprises a unique way to break down 'silos' of information, to get started quickly, and to improve the quality of their decision making. We're impressed with how Reveleus has brought these capabilities together in a single offering."

HDFC Bank recently implemented Reveleus' analytic applications to gain significant benefits. "Reveleus gives us the ability to reduce costs by optimizing our channels and decreasing our reaction time to emerging market opportunities, as well as in identifying and increasing the cross-selling of products," said C. N. Ram, CIO of HDFC Bank. "Reveleus' pre-built analytics saved us significant time and costs, as opposed to developing the applications ourselves. We now close our books much faster and have improved the usage of our ATM network with a better understanding of how our 2.6 million customers use all our channels."

"With business intelligence, there is often a gap between promise and practice. Reveleus' unique business intelligence products built on years of domain experience to deliver the specific performance metrics that business users seek," said S. Ramakrishnan, CEO of Reveleus.

Reveleus Product Family Overview - Business Analytics:
* Reveleus Business Analytics are pre-packaged analytic applications that provide deep subject-area expertise in Risk Management, Performance Measurement, and CRM, and are easily extensible to meet customer-specific requirements. Reveleus Business Analytics are built using Reveleus Technology Solutions.

Reveleus Product Family Overview - Technology Solutions:
* Reveleus Data Integrator goes beyond traditional data extracting tools by abstracting the technical information about data into common business terms, thus building the foundation for metadata-driven analytics.

* Reveleus Mart Builder utilizes common business definitions to generate downstream data marts (cubes or relational databases) to satisfy user inquiries.

* Reveleus Insight enables business users to find information across all types of data sources, from cubes to marts to the data warehouse itself, by using the same common business terms.

* Reveleus Active Portal facilitates the delivery of knowledge to business user touch points where it can be acted upon most quickly.

Pricing and Availability:
All Reveleus products are available immediately and are distributed through
the i-flex global sales organization, resellers and implementation partners.

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