FAME Information Services Announces the FAME Data Management Suite

FAME Data Management Suite Reduces Data Redundancy, Ensures Data Accuracy

NEW YORK at the Waters 2002 Conference, Booth #8 (September 18, 2002) – FAME Information Services, Inc. today announced the release of the FAME Data Management Suite (FDM), an application framework for the creation and management of a centralized market database. The FDM Suite is a pre-packaged, affordable solution that provides a single source of reliable data for complete market data management.

"We conducted an eighteen month survey of our existing client base, which determined their key data management concerns," said Dale Richards, CEO at FAME Information Services, Inc. "The FAME Data Management Suite addresses those concerns and so solves a vast majority of all data management requirements."

The FDM Suite fulfills the need for an efficient management system for data acquisition, data modeling, validation, correction, and financial calculations. It allows for the comparison of multiple sources for guaranteed market data integrity. The FDM Suite also eliminates duplication of data feeds by allowing consolidation of all data into one centralized platform where all data can be represented in a single form.

The FDM Suite's automated data collection provides consistently updated market data with a low maintenance overhead. Data can be easily updated and manipulated through over 300 pre-defined mathematical functions and an extensive library of financial models. By optimizing the data processing, access, storage, and analysis capabilities, the FDM Suite can manage very large volumes of data that can be easily shared and integrated.

The most integral feature of the FDM Suite is its guarantee of providing only validated data. FDM includes a mechanism to develop any validation rule on any type of data, such as prices, bond call schedules, and dividend payment dates. Statistical, cross-reference and logical user defined rules also ensure that only accurate and reliable data is accrued.

FDM also contains its own back-up system. FDM data modeling maintains a 'gold copy' of every field of every instrument. It archives historically all raw data collected, as well as all corrections and changes. It allows the user to import and export data, manage the settings of all primary feeds, and manage time-series and reference data while recording the change on an audit report.

The FDM Suite interfaces to a number of sources of data, including FAME Site Server, Bloomberg, Datastream, Reuters, and several index providers and local pricing feeds. All data is easily accessible through open access interfaces. Distributed databases allow for multiple installations in many locations.

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