Brasfield Technology Introduces Digital Recording System for Financial Institutions

Birmingham, AL (September 19, 2002) Brasfield Technology, Inc. has developed, iSentry, a digital recording system that integrates with a financial institutions existing camera system to constantly stream video directly to a pc.

Brasfield Technology believes that iSentry will help banks to cut down on fraudulent transactions and will significantly reduce storage space for archived material.

iSentry does not require an institution to implement new cameras, but integrates with the existing camera system providing higher quality video than a traditional VCR that can be viewed over a network or Internet connection via a browser. Video of multiple branches or ATMs’ can be viewed from any computer with an Internet connection by logging on to a unique IP address.

iSentry can store approximately three months of video footage and makes searching archived footage easy by imprinting a time/date stamp on each frame and allowing the user to search down to the second that a particular transaction occurred.

"We believe that banks will see several immediate benefits by implementing iSentry in their institutions, one of which is reducing fraudulent transactions," said David Brasfield, president and CEO of Brasfield Technology, Inc. "Now when a teller pays out $2000 on what turns out to be a $200 check, the bank will be able to easily locate footage of that specific transaction and have a clear image of it as proof of what occurred."

Local law enforcement and even the FBI can now have access to an institution's cameras that can help to educate them about a situation occurring inside the bank before they take action.

Brasfield Technology's extensive knowledge of banking systems has prepared us to develop cutting edge technology solutions for the bank of the 21st century. We strive to be more than just a technology solution provider, but a navigational partner through the complicated world of banking technology.

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