Systor at the Finance Forum: Smart Solutions for providers of financial services

Zurich - The 12th Finance Forum to be held at the Congress House in Zurich on November 5-6, 2002, is not only Switzerland s most important, but also its most up-to-the-minute and forward-looking IT and finance event. The focus for Systor will not be on science fiction, but rather on the immediate future and current developments in customer focus, cost leadership and the banking environment.

As an IT service provider, Systor will be using concrete examples to explore the impact of various new challenges on the world of finance and banking IT. Basel II, for example, will necessitate a number of changes in banks' business processes, and by the time this new directive comes into effect, all operational systems will have to be Basel II-compliant. Changing business processes, however, is something that tends to cut deep into corporate mechanisms and is usually accompanied by a phase of instability. As a long-standing partner of several distinguished financial institutions, Systor has a proven track record in combining process management with IT and develops scalable solutions that can be adapted to changed givens as required.

What counts is farsightedness and the "right" reaction.
Banks are highly sensitive to changes in their business environment, and therefore they would be well advised to examine the impact such changes are
likely to have on their business processes well in advance so that they can
adopt any internal measures as may be necessary.

In a series called "Smart Solutions for Financial Services" to be presented at this year's Finance Forum, Systor will be exploring the problems and challenges the financial services industry is now facing as well as showing how IT can help it react to changes in the banking environment. Taking Basel II as an example, Systor will show how the requirements of this directive are likely to affect banking information systems and how existing software infrastructure can be used to meet them. ASP Private Banking, IT-Controlling / Project Care, e.ReconciliationSYPlus, Securities Services / ISO 15022, Financial Data Messaging and Total Business Integration / EAI will be among the other topics covered.

Tapping the cost-cutting potential in the back office.
On Tuesday, November 5, 2002, Michel Döringer, who heads Systor's Securities Management unit, will be contributing to the seminar series "Banking Today" with a brief presentation called "Using shared services (ASP/outsourcing) to tap the cost-cutting potential in the back office," in which he will show how this particular business model will influence banks' business processes in the years to come.

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