AccuSoft Introduces ReviewNow, a Breakthrough Idea Refinery

Available Immediately, ReviewNow Enables Organizations to Substantially Reduce Costs and Deliver More Accurate, Timely and Relevant Information

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., Sept. 16, 2002 – AccuSoft® Corporation today introduced ReviewNowTM, a first-of-its-kind solution that eliminates the chaos of the information review process. ReviewNow was developed specifically for organizations that recognize the value of streamlining the long and unwieldy process of disseminating, reviewing, and reaching consensus on business-critical information. The product facilitates and manages communications throughout the review process by efficiently sharing ideas and tasks amongst all stakeholders in order to refine the ideas, reach consensus, drive to action and ultimately make decisions. As a result, with ReviewNow, organizations are able to substantially improve their collaborative business processes and reduce costs, improve productivity, shorten time-to-market, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction by delivering the most accurate, timely and relevant information possible.

Already in use by companies both in the U.S. and abroad, AccuSoft's patent-pending ReviewNow uses the Web as the means of conveyance and automatically collects, routes and manages comments from reviewers within the context of the actual content, whatever the form of that content may be—Web pages, legal documents, proposals, collateral, documentation, source code, etc. ReviewNow FasTrack is a companion product that empowers anyone managing a project to stage information, invite stakeholders and initiate a review of the information, all without any assistance, through a simple step-by-step wizard-like process. FasTrack handles information created with virtually any application and can improve and speed the process of reviewing all types of business-critical information across an enterprise. Since ReviewNow is designed to work across geographical, organizational and security boundaries, it eliminates the all-too-common licensing and technology barriers of traditional content management systems, enabling organizations to easily and cost-effectively include both a broader base of internal and external constituents as well as consumers and partners in the review process.

"ReviewNow is rapidly capturing the imagination of many because it simply, creatively and effectively solves the pervasive problem of comprehensively reviewing business information in a timely, inclusive, and accurate manner," said Michael Fowler, president and CEO, AccuSoft Corporation. "Reviewing information today—proposals, contracts, Web copy, collateral—comprises almost 40% of any given professional business day. That's time that could be used for other tasks more directly tied to the bottom line. According to our customers who are using the product, ReviewNow reduces the overhead administrivia associated with the review process by at least 30%. Organizations of all types and sizes are now looking at ReviewNow as a means to increase customer satisfaction and dramatically improve the accuracy and timeliness of information while—as an added bonus—reducing their operational costs, a key consideration in a difficult economy."

How it Works:

ReviewNow enables people to access and review information and content through an enhanced browser interface, which lets them effortlessly review and comment on the content in full context. Unlike other review tools that place "sticky notes" on a transparent overlay, ReviewNow places comment markers precisely in the displayed text so that they are shown correctly, no matter how browser windows or default fonts are resized.

Once comments are made, they appear in real-time and in context for other reviewers in the project while they are automatically routed for action using ReviewNow's powerful and flexible built-in workflow. ReviewNow tracks and records each comment in a database, which facilitates comprehensive reporting, audit trails, and accurate record keeping, and allows the results of the review process to be exported to XML-enabled systems. The product is easy to implement across an entire enterprise and beyond, and its non-intrusive design enables it to work with virtually any existing content managers or editors. Out of the box, ReviewNow delivers the workflow, project, and task management that many content management systems lack and, by focusing on streamlining the truly troublesome review process, can add value to any organization.

"ReviewNow is such an exciting solution because it allows us to dramatically improve our productivity and reduce our costs by automating the arduous Web content review process," said Chris Christoudias, chief technology officer and co-founder, Digital Bungalow, Inc., a Beverly, Mass.-based full service Internet strategy and design firm. "Our clients using ReviewNow love the fact that they can leverage it to expand their review team in order to deliver the most useful Web site with the most accurate and relevant content without adding cost or time."

According to Peggy Groppo, vice president of consulting services with Document Management Solutions, Inc. (DMSI), "We are amazed at how many problems ReviewNow solves for our customers. While there are other tools that help facilitate content review, none are as comprehensive, easy to use, or effective. From reviewing policies, RFPs and contracts to speeding the publication of new Web content, ReviewNow is for any organization that values accuracy, timeliness, and true collaboration."

System Requirements:

Client: Internet Explorer 5.0 or later on Windows platforms. Macintosh users can also participate via a zero footprint terminal services client or through Windows emulation.

Server: Any Windows 2000 server with IIS, Service pack 2 and SQL Server 7.0 or later.

Availability & Pricing:

ReviewNow is available immediately through AccuSoft. A starter package is $34,995 (U.S.), and includes one ReviewNow Server license, one administration client license, five named user licenses for project managers, 10 concurrent use licenses for reviewers, and one QuickStart implementation package, including installation and training. Pricing for packages that include ReviewNow FasTrack start at $50,000 (U.S.). FasTrack is also available as an a la carte add-on to existing ReviewNow installations for $14,995 (U.S.). Tiered pricing for additional servers and users is available, as well as service-based models for customers who want to access the solution in a remotely hosted environment or participate in a pay-as-you-go scenario.

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