AIIM International Awards Coveted Prize to Advance Bank's Automated New Account Management System.

October 8, 2002 - Captiva Software Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise input management solutions, today announced that Bremen, Germany-based Advance Bank AG has been awarded AIIM International's coveted "Solution of the Year" award in recognition of its innovative automated new account management system. A crucial element of the overall award-winning system is FormWare, Captiva's flagship input management solution that automates data and image capture from paper and electronic forms and documents. FormWare is a key element of Advance Bank's FileNET enterprise content management system, the implementation of which was facilitated by systems integrator Steria GmbH. AIIM's Solution of the Year acknowledges the successful use of document and information management solutions that contribute considerably to a company's success in the realms of quantifiable financial advantage, return on investment and improvements to enterprise core processes.

Advance Bank is the first German financial institution to automate the complex process of opening an account via the Web. Successfully automating the procedure online not only saves the bank processing time and costs, but enables it to enhance its competitive edge with faster customer service. Crucial in the initiation of the new account process is FormWare, which evaluates the application form for completeness, confirms the applicant's identification and compares the form data to the bank's master data files before exporting the document contents into the bank's enterprise content management system. With FormWare automating the input process of new account applications, bank employees now need to intervene in the account initiation process only in exception cases. The bank is now easily able to handle peak workloads and has reduced costs by eliminating the need for temporary workers to process new accounts.

"With FormWare as an integral part of our new account management system, our account initiation process time has been cut by more than half," said Holger Eden, Advance Bank's customer service manager. "The same number of workers can now manage a substantially greater inflow of new account applications. In addition, the application status of a new account can be checked from any authorised workstation via a browser-based user interface, making the information available for both the bank and the customer."

AIIM's Solution of the Year award was presented at this year's DMS Exposition held Essen, Germany. Award submissions were evaluated by the AIIM Awards Europe Committee, which is made of up independent experts in the fields of document and enterprise content management.

"We're proud to be awarded this coveted prize, which is yet another testament to the benefits provided by FormWare, which include the ability to significantly reduce costs, speed data processing and improve information accuracy," said Mark Lewis, Captiva's vice president of European operations. "Advance Bank is a leader in employing innovative technology to improve its business processes and provide preeminent service to its customers."

FormWare is Captiva's award-winning information capture software that manages business-critical information from forms, documents and electronic data streams into an enterprise in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner. This information can then be exported to database, document, content and other information management systems, helping to maximize the accuracy and value of the data, speed the capture process, increase productivity and significantly reduce the cost of manual capture operations. FormWare is used by companies worldwide to extract information from forms of all types, including medical and other insurance claims, invoices, credit applications, tax returns, order-entry forms and many other documents.

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