Xenomorph and FAME have developed a software link between their systems to allow equity derivatives desks to use the speed and analytical functions of the Xenomorph systems in conjunction with the rich time-series data held within FAME databases.

This software link takes the form of a Xenomorph XDK FAME driver, which connects directly to FAME databases without any intermediate storage of FAME data. This driver allows visual access of FAME-based data, through the Xenomorph systems'graphical interface, and access to the Xenomorph systems'
powerful analytics, which are accessible through its APIs (Excel, VB, C/C++ and COM), to analyse such data. For example, the Xenomorph systems can be used to analyse the historic correlation of equity baskets using FAME/SiteServer
databases and generate and store derived data such as correlation matrices, volatilities and dividend schedules.

John Wallis, head of European sales and business development at FAME said,

"FAME's users typically store large volumes of high quality market data in their FAME databases. Very often this data has been cleansed and filtered using both FAME and/or client systems. Such high quality data is a valuable resource for any financial institution. FAME's enterprise database platform is designed to allow institutions to distribute this data throughout their organisation through a wide variety of tools and applications. We believe that FAME's broad coverage and high quality databases, coupled with the Xenomorph powerful and easy-to-use applications, are a compelling combination".

Mark Woodgate, director at Xenomorph said,

"The use of the Xenomorph Development Kit opens up FAME databases to all the easy-to-use Xenomorph APIs. These expose the full power of the Xenomorph systems' information, data retrieval, analytical and basket functionality directly on FAME data without users needing to know the intricacies of the FAME CHLI or FAME database architectures. These are seamlessly encapsulated into the Xenomorph systems' overall infrastructure along with the Xenomorph Database and other data sources to present a common view to users on all their data needs".

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