Acrys Consult launches PoolDesigner - a tool for asset securitization and portfolio management

Acrys' PoolDesigner is a flexible and easy to use tool which enables a business manager to structure and analyze sub portfolios out of heterogenous data pools. The user defines quality criteria in a human readable form, which are based on available or 'on-the-fly' composed data fields. Depending on these criteria the corresponding portfolios can be generated on demand or automatically. PoolDesigner's complete independence of the basis data set's structure yields to a wide area of potential applications within portfolio risk management:

- Creating historical evolution of sub portfolios
- Modern portfolio theory with e.g. consumer or mortgage loan assets
- Tayloring an asset pool for ABS/MBS securitizations
- Monitoring quality in revolving ABS transactions (replenishment)
- Market entry into securitization: faster time-to-market, lower rating

The 100% Java PoolDesigner has to be implemented once on the client's site (ASP solutions are possible for service providers) where the clients choice of the ratio of hardcoding vs. user customization can be met. This reflects the different conditions for e.g. reporting needs and
interfaces, thus making PoolDesigner fit seemless into the clients architecture. A former version of this tool was already implemented at a leading european mortgage bank in 1999.

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