Vector-based technology enables complex real-time data manipulation and analytics

Aleri, the vector-based enterprise software and banking solutions provider which recently acquired Atlas developer mpct Solutions Corporation, has announced its alignment with Sun Microsystems to help simplify straight- hrough processing for financial services organizations.

Aleris high-performance Information Engine assimilates,integrates, processes and distributes vast volumes of rapidly changing data efficiently and speedily via the use of vector technology. This is an enterprise-wide architecture, incorporating data integration and real-time data analysis, yet it can also provide rapid payback in standalone projects.

The speed of the Aleri environment allows complex information manipulation and analysis without content or volume restriction. This overcomes todays STP problems of operational data reduced in business value, where a combination of high volume, tight and inflexible time windows and inadequate performance causes information content and quality to be compromised. Aleris integrated
architecture combines vector database, data warehouse,OLAP and ETL capabilities to make dramatic economies in integration and operational tasks, and removes the need for major blocks of custom code.

The Information Engine has four components. The Definition Engine is a web-based control center for rule-based application development which allows end-users to create and maintain rules, transformation structures, and other executable metadata. The Metadata Repository is a single repository which contains the entire rules-based definition for all data management & analytic applications. The Command Engine is a highly optimised vector and matrix manipulation language that executes rules and metadata, interfacing with the Data Engine to store results. The Data Engine implements transaction
processing, MPP and distributed computing.

Says CEO Alan Hambrook, who has previously founded and built three other software companies: With continual business pressure to achieve time compression, many financial institutions will need the speed of vectors,
the flexibility offered by rules, and the cost effectiveness which comes with being able to run all this on UNIX. We are proud to be part the Sun iForce partner community in this ongoing effort to help the world financial community meet the demands of STP & T+1.

Gail Sheridan
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7665 1636

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