Dwight Babcock, president of Apex Data Systems announces the release of GERONIMO; its newest Oracle based Policy Administration Software solution.

Tucson, Arizona - April 23,2002 - Apex Data Systems announced today the release of its' revolutionary Policy Administration software solution - Geronimo. Using Oracle Designer and Developer 2000, this multi faceted database solution is the most advanced Administration and Policy Management system on the market today. Uniquely capable of handling all forms of Individual and Group products as well as payroll deduction / work site sales programs.

Geronimo supports an array of products such as Life /AD&D, Health, Critical Illness, Short Term Medical Plans, Dental, Vision, Disability (long and short term) and Long Term Care insurance.

-Geronimo supports Multi Company and multi products with ease.

-Geronimo allows for rapid plan setup taking a mere 30 minutes and you're enrolling applicants.

-Geronimo supports unlimited policy, rider and certificate outputs.

-Geronimo allows 9 levels of commission hierarchy with 99 splits at each level. Need a special commission deal for a particular case or agent? No Problem.

-Geronimo supports electronic or paper list bills, self-bills, payroll cycle billings or combined billings covering multiple coverage periods.

-Geronimo supports electronic collections using Lock box, Credit card, ACH and Paper if needed.

-Geronimo provides numerous approaches to rating Policies and Riders. Rates can vary from Flat rates, Age rating, Sex or Volume based rates. In addition you have the capability to use Rate tables - with and without loads, Area factors or experience modifications.

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