SunGard Launches Decalog V5.0

SunGard Investment Management Systems, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), today announced the launch of Decalog v5.0. SunGard Investment Management Systems is a leading international provider of investment management software solutions for the front-, middle- and back-office activities of global asset management firms.

The new Decalog Trader v5.0 has been developed using the latest technologies
and user interface tools. Decalog Trader v5.0 is a Java-based solution that
is also available on an ASP basis. New features include support for money
markets and fixed income securities such as interest rate swaps and repos,
as well as the ability to deal with linked and basket orders. The new system also enables traders to review multiple sources of real-time market data, access Internet or in-house Intranet applications, and efficiently monitor orders sent electronically to brokers, ECNs or exchanges. All information is presented in an easy-to-use, highly visual format based on context sensitive, color-coded indicators. The new version can be customized to the trader's individual needs including blotter display, order workflow or system functionality.

Eyal Yaron, vice president of product management, SunGard Investment
Management Systems, comments, "The new Decalog Trader 5.0 sets a new
standard for front-office applications. The system adapts its workflow
based on the asset class, all in one centralized application. Completely
re-designed and developed, Decalog Trader v5.0 uses the latest technologies
to seamlessly integrate real-time market data, electronic market
connectivity via the FIX protocol, external connectivity via the Internet or
Intranet, and user interface flexibility into one powerful, easy-to-use
application. The response from our clients both in North America and in
Europe has been excellent; traders find the system easy to use, flexible and
smart, while operations find a pleasing match with our technology choices
and their own future IT direction."

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