launches the Security Clinic Compendium

The Security Clinic Compendium is a compilation of approximately 400
information security problems and solutions in a single fully searchable

The Security Clinic is a forum in which users can air their
security problems - and get advice and solutions from a pool of more than
100 security experts from all round the world. The experts range from
reformed hackers through independent consultants to university professors.

"The Security Clinic is unique," comments editor Kevin Townsend. "Our
experts provide their help and advice completely free of charge - even
though their commercial rate as security consultants is generally well in
excess of £1000 per day."

Now has produced Volume One of the Security Clinic
Compendium; a compilation of about 400 real-life security problems and the
experts' answers.

"It is an invaluable source of research and solutions," said Townsend, "and
will benefit everyone from the home user through students of infosec to
professional security managers in large organizations."

Recent topics include:

* what should I do if I suspect a colleague of downloading child porn?
* how do I get rid of a boot sector virus?
* what do I need in a corporate e-mail security policy
* can we build our own Tempest?
* my home page keeps getting reset to a porn site!
* what is the difference between authentication and authorization?
* how does SSL work?
* and hundreds more...

The Security Clinic Compendium is a single EXE that requires that IE4+ is
installed on the user's PC. It does not require that IE is the user's
default browser. It provides rapid full-text searches across the entire
database of both questions and answers - and all of the thousands of
'further reference' URLs included in the answers are 'active'.

Kevin Townsend
+44 (0)1803 616644

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