Advance Galatrek Unveils Latest UPS Monitoring And Control Software

New PowerShield2 Program Offers User Friendly UPS Management

PowerShield2, the latest UPS (uninterruptible power system) monitoring and control software from Advance Galatrek, is a powerful yet simple to operate
UPS management tool that uses a menu based graphical interface to display
real-time information. PowerShield2 is compatible with virtually all ranges
of Advance Galatrek UPS, and is available either as standard or an optional

The software uses the TCP/IP communications protocol to achieve standardised
management and monitoring across the widest possible range of platforms and
operating systems. This enables, for example, a Windows 98 based PC to
monitor a UPS that is located on a UNIX server. Moreover, it also enables
users to control UPS devices situated at any geographical location simply by
using the Internet.

PowerShield2 is compatible with systems running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4 and
2000 operating systems, together with Novell Netware, IBM OS/2, later Mac OS
versions and the most widely used UNIX operating systems. PowerShield2 also
allows remote interrogation of UPS logs and operational parameters to assist
in the diagnosis of potential fault conditions and alarms.

The software interface displays information in the form of bar charts, and
digital values for critical UPS data including mains voltage, UPS load and
battery charge percentage. The graphical display also provides detailed
information on a wide range of UPS parameters, and offers users all the
information they need for first level diagnostics. PowerShield2 also
features an events log that retains details on and changes in UPS operating
status, allowing users to check trends on input voltage, load applied and
battery back-up.

UPS devices that are linked to PowerShield2 can be configured with their own
shutdown procedures to offer the highest levels of system security and power
management. This enables the user to programme their preferred power off and
power up requirements, which PowerShield2 then initiates. Activity can be
scheduled by day, week or any other appropriate timescale. This facility
allows users to detail both a sequential or priority based UPS shutdown, in
an orderly manner - especially important where critical file servers must be
powered down in a particular order, in the event of mains failure.

PowerShield2 also incorporates a message management facility that allows
users to customise the program to update key personnel with relevant UPS
status information. The software can be configured to define a mailing list
that automatically informs users by e-mail, fax or even SMS alerts when a
change in operating status takes place.

The software also incorporates an integrated SNMP agent that sends UPS
information and generates traps, using the RFC 1628 MIB standard. This
feature enables UPS management on compatible management stations such as HP
OpenView, Novell Managewise and IBM NetView. PowerShield2 also supports
communications over USB.

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