SimCorp Releases IT/2 Version 4.3

SimCorp has released Version 4.3 of IT/2, its market leading corporate treasury management system. The new release adds the instrument type, Futures, and Position Analysis Workbenches that provide real-time exposure management facilities. Also included in the release are enhancements to the system's global treasury support, cash management, limits, internet integration and data analysis functionality.

The addition of the new instrument type, Futures, enables corporate treasurers to set up, define, record and fully maintain both financial and commodity Futures within their IT/2 system. Already supporting an extensive range of financial instruments, the addition of Futures further enhances IT/2's dealing capability.

The new Position Analysis Workbenches enable the grouping of data on a single screen using any common data fields. This allows for different position types to be viewed for analysis of each position or position element, including the ability to define time buckets for reporting information over variable time periods. Position reporting can be carried out online to enable a treasurer to see at a glance all transactions and account balance information on a single screen with real time updates for better management of global treasury.
Enhancements to global treasury support includes an extension to the existing data segregation facility within the system to allow for audit trail items and Futures. Furthermore, instruction configuration options enable different users to have different instruction criteria imposed for various configuration areas and for authorisation limits. This means that instead of having one set of instruction operating definitions applying to the whole system, different sets of definitions can be set up and applied to different users at different locations.

IT/2's cash management features have been enhanced to cater for back-valued items by recalculating interest amounts. The Limits functionality has been extended to restrict the total amount of dealing in a day, as specified. Internet integration allows bank statement information to be imported via the internet and for information on the best and worst bids to be automatically retained by the system when trading over the internet. Data analysis now has additional and enhanced open database reporting views to make more IT/2 data available to facilitate reporting. "In recent years we have placed significant resources behind the development of IT/2 to bring it up to the position of market leader," says Daniel Andres, managing director for IT/2 (EMEA), "the release of version 4.3 is one of our regular product updates, delivered on schedule, which helps to ensure that we retain that leading position."

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