Cargill Selects Aspelle’s Secure Enterprise Access Solution to Address Needs of Global Workforce

NEW YORK, July 22, 2002 — Aspelle, a provider of secure enterprise access solutions, today announced that Cargill, a leader in agricultural, financial and industrial products and services, has implemented its award-winning
Microsoft.NET-based software platform, Aspelle Everywhere. An Internet-based
solution that allows businesses to provide customers, partners and employees
secure "anytime, anywhere" access to internal corporate resources, Aspelle
Everywhere will help Cargill users improve communication and productivity.

"To compete successfully in a global market, businesses must be able to
guarantee that employees have access to corporate applications from any
location; at anytime," commented Simon Johnson, Vice President of Technology
and Co-founder of Aspelle. "With more than 90,000 employees in 57 countries,
Cargill exemplifies the complex needs of today’s businesses. Aspelle Everywhere’s ability to perform successfully in a user environment as
demanding as Cargill’s is a true testament to its capabilities."

Leveraging Cargill’s existing IT infrastructure, Aspelle Everywhere allows
Cargill employees to securely access selected internal applications,regardless of their physical location. Offering a familiar and easy-to-use interface, Aspelle Everywhere eliminates additional systems training, and enables Cargill employees to stay "comfortably connected" as long as they have an Internet connection and a standard Web browser.

"For companies like Cargill, which compete on a global scale, the ability to
provide employees with convenient and flexible access to applications is
important," noted Mark Middendorf, EC Infrastructure Manager at Cargill.
"While exploring various types of solutions, we were impressed by Aspelle
Everywhere’s device-independent nature, and its flexible architecture.
Aspelle Everywhere could integrate into our existing infrastructure, and
meet our needs for application accessibility, cost and security."

Functioning as a "secure access layer," Aspelle Everywhere sits between Cargill’s existing network infrastructure and the Internet, and delivers
selected corporate applications via a standard Web browser. Using advanced
privacy and security measures, as well as industry-accepted standards and
protocols, Aspelle Everywhere offers Cargill several benefits including increased user productivity and the opportunity to decrease the number of Cargill-managed devices, such as laptops, outside of the company’s internal

Aspelle Everywhere is the first product on the market to provide access to
all corporate resources, without compromising security or ease-of-use.
Requiring only a Web browser and an Internet connection, Aspelle’s software
platform securely delivers access to a full range of corporate applications
and data including Web, Unix, Windows Terminal Server/Citrix MetaFrame,
AS/400 and legacy systems. Specifically designed to maximize a company’s
previous technology investments, Aspelle Everywhere doesn’t require
client-side software, a dedicated device, system re-architecture,application re-engineering or significant hardware expenditure.

Bethany Chadwick
Tel: + 1 (646) 641-6996

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