Highlights of year 2001

Year 2001 was Exidio's first full year of operations with lot of new and exiting things happening. Highlights of last year include the official launch of our flagship product Trezone after long development and several months of active piloting with several companies. The product launch took place in the first quarter of the year and at the same time the sales and marketing activities were started. During second quarter of the year Exidio opened offices in London and Stockholm to cover the markets in Great Britain and Scandinavia. Soon after opening our office in Stockholm we signed a co-operation agreement with the leading TMS provider in the Nordic area, WM-Data, in order to provide WM-Data's TWIN clients a Trezone boosted state-of-the-art Treasury Service Solution.

During the year our customer base has grown steadily with several companies already using Trezone and more to come.

Our product, Trezone, has been continuously enhanced and after several release cycles during the year it's functionality has been greatly enchanced in order to reach our ultimate goal to provide our customers the true benefits of straight through processing and efficiency within their internal treasury processes.

New Trezone users
During 2001 we have seen a tremendous increase in the interest for Trezone, here are some of our latest customers.

-IBM International Treasury Services Center in Dublin

IBM International Treasury Services Center has made a contract with Exidio to deliver Trezone in most European countries for reporting liquidity forecasts.Trezone will give them instant on-line view of all their liquidity all over Europe.The implementation of Trezone will start in February and is planned to be completed by the end of first quarter of 2002.

-Ahlstrom Corporation

Ahlstrom Corporation is the leader in high performance fiber based materials serving niche markets worldwide with net sales approximately 2 billion EUR/year.
Ahlstrom started the Trezone implementation already at the end of November by signing a trial agreement for two of their subsidiaries in France and Italy. Ahlstom's goal was to improve their internal dealing process and they wanted also to get rid of some expensive Reuter's terminals which were in a very little use in the subsidiaries. By using Trezone Information Services they could deliver the same Reuter's market and news information by a fraction of the cost of Reuter's terminals. The trial implementation was accomplished in Ahlstrom's treasury center within couple of days and soon after that the France and Italy started the trial with an immediate comments and pleasure of how easy and user friendly Trezone was for them. After couple of weeks testing period Ahlstrom signed contract for Trezone for their most trading active subsidiaries with a goal to eventually distribute it thoughout the organisation.

Orkla ASA

Orkla is one of the largest listed companies in Norway. The core businesses are Branded Consumer Goods, Chemicals and Financial Investments. The Orkla Group decided in November to take Trezone as their solution for their internal foreign exchange and money market dealing and also as a tool to provide up-to-date financial market information to their subsidiaries. With the help of Trezone they can save a substantial amount of manual, labor intensive and error prone, work when all the internal dealing is handled with a same system, Trezone.
The implementation has already been done within Orkla's treasury and during February it will be rolled out to selected subsidiaries.

Trezone product news
Since our last newsletter we have released versions 2.7 and 2.8 of Trezone. The main emphasis of these releases has been to improve the internal dealing process, its functionality and ease of use. We have also enhanced our other modules like CashZone by adding new bank interfaces which are available out-of-the-box, in order to make the liquidity forecasting more easier and accurate for Trezone users.

New functionality in Trezone Transaction Services (Dealing)
Trezone supports now true 24/7 dealing process by allowing subsidiaries tosubmit their deals and get immediate pricing from Trezone. The rules controlling this flow will be defined by corporate treasury thus still enabling full control of the total dealing activity. From treasury's point of view this enables automatic processing of the small deals thus allowing treasury to concentrate on more difficult and time consuming tasks.
The dealing process has been enhanced by combining the FX and MM functionality under one process. This makes deal entry and deal processing much more user friendly and effective by removing need to jump between FX and MM functinality.
The whole dealing process has been included under the DealZone tab and all the functionality for deal signing and maturity management has been transferred there.
Trezone now support immediate generation of counter deal from the original maturing deal. The net payment flows are calculated per subsidiary enabling users to see how much they will receive/pay for particular day.

New currency position functionality
Trezone RiskZone now contains only the Currency reporting module which allows subsidiaries to report their currency positions to treasury and if allowed by treasury automatically hedge the open position.

New functionality in Trezone Cash management
New bank interfaces have been included for bank balance importing thus enabling more effective and accurate liquidity forecasting.
CashZone now supports exporting the forecasted data in comma separated file (csv)to external systems for further analysis.
Treasury can now control if subsidiaries have updated their forecasts recently enabling enhanced control of forecast accuracy.

Information services
The personalization functionality has been enhanced by allowing users to customize different news groups for themselves. By selecting the appropriate group the news headlines are customized based on the selection.
Information services now supports free text search for newsitems.

Guarantee Management (GMM)
In January we started the development of new Guarantee Management module which will be included as an optional module to Trezone. The development project will be a joint effort with a group of companies who will bring their expertise of guarantee management to the project. Target schedule for this new module is at the end of Q2 2002 and the commercial availability of the GMM module soon after that.
If you are interested about joining the pilot phase of the GMM project we are more than happy to tell you more about its planned functionality and the benefits you may have by joining the project.
For more information about Trezone and our GMM project, please contact Exidio

Exidio joins Twist
In December Exidio joined Twist, (Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team). TWIST is a working group of 19 companies formed and led by the treasury operations department of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and is focused on creating standards to facilitate an efficient, controlled and open dealing marketplace for foreign exchange (FX) and other cash market instruments. TWIST is a coalition that brings together representatives from corporate treasury departments, large banks, leading providers of treasury workstation solutions and exchange trading platforms.

More information

Steering the corporate treasury to new seas
Read how our customers use Trezone and what are their experiences with it. Dynea Corporation (Dynea) is one of the first users of Trezone and they have used Trezone for some time to manage their liquidity forecasting. We interviewed Dynea's treasury manager Janne Tallqvist who was appointed to his new positions couple of months ago and asked his experiences about working with Trezone.

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