Business Continuity Management- Are you prepared?

CityCompass Breakfast Briefing
Thursday 5th September
The Insurance Hall
20 Aldermanbury
London EC2

Start time: 8.00am for 8.30 start
Finish: 10.15am + coffee

Delegate fee: £95 + VAT
To register, please return this mail to Tracy Nottage. A registration form will then be sent to you to complete and return as detailed, with your payment.

According to a recent Chartered Management Institute survey, the causes of serious disruption to businesses across all industries are many and varied, and their occurrence over the last 2 years is on an alarming incline – ranging from flooding, pressure group protest and negative publicity coverage, to loss of skills – the biggest increase and the most common cause of disruption in 2002, so far.

In another recent survey of 200 companies of all sizes and types by New York-based, independent researchers David Michaelson and Company, less than 20 percent had plans and solutions in place to provide the information availability they require to keep their businesses functioning effectively in the event of a serious disruption.

Unless organisations employ successful business continuity they are likely to suffer serious interruption to mission critical functions and processes as well as experience damage to their reputation and brand name. They are also likely to suffer financial implications.

In a study by Deutsche Bank they found that insurers are now likely to charge higher premiums or raise fee structures if certain business continuity measures are not met. Also in a more severe situation for financial organisations, insurers indicated that if appropriate risk control measures are not taken in a reasonable timeframe, the insurer might choose to reject a prospective client altogether.

The CityCompass BCM breakfast briefing will aim to throw light on the key developments in business continuity management within the financial services industry.

In particular it will explore

- Regulatory developments. It will address the role of the combined FSA, the Bank of England and HM Treasury Standing Committee.
- How BT as the leading ICT provider in the UK and the partner of choice for 19 out of the top 20 financial institutions ensures resilience of its products and services.
- The role of the Business Continuity Institute, and what initiatives they have set in motion, with the co-operation of the Standing Committee.
- The problems associated with insurance and terrorism.
- It will distinguish between a) bringing business continuity back on line and
b) re-establishing IT services, and will explore the challenges of each, particularly in the area of testing.
- It will provide an overview of where the industry is now, the changes that need to be made, and at what cost, and will look at the implications for the long-term future.

This breakfast briefing is a MUST attend for:
Operations Directors
Operational Risk Directors/Managers
Compliance Directors/Managers
Finance Directors
Business Continuity Directors/Managers
Business Managers
IT Directors/Managers


8.00-8.30 Registration and continental breakfast
8.30-8.35 Introduction from CityCompass chairman, Mike Jones
8.35-8.55 Key-note address
8.55-9.05 Steve Eungblut, BT
9.05-9.15 Insurance services presentation
9.15-9.25 John Sharp, the Business Continuity Institute
9.25-9.35 Introduction to the panel, by panel chairman (from KPMG, subject to confirmation)
9.35-10.15 Panel discussion, including a financial services practitioner, and all speakers
10.15-10.40 Coffee and close

BT are proud sponsors of the CityCompass breakfast briefing

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