SYSTOR Praxis Academy offers employees real-life training

Systor is offering both managers and specialists real-life training in practice-oriented workshops (entitled "Systor Praxis Academy") that cover a wide range of IT and business topics. The speakers report on their everyday experience from projects, software development, and IT and business consulting. Systor is deliberately featuring experienced practitioners who are either active at the university level or who have earned their spurs as speakers at distinguished institutions. It is the professionals' wealth of experience rather than just straightforward knowledge transfer that is so enriching for the participants.

Managers and specialists in the information technology business are facing a multitude of challenges: ever more complex business demands, ever shorter innovation cycles, tight IT budgets, not to mention the rash promises of IT vendors. Not only do they have to keep pace with these challenges, they also have to close the gap, as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, between strategic planning on the one hand and real-life IT implementation on the other. That's the only way IT can play the role in business that is expected of it. The key to success in IT projects thus entails melding theoretical know-how with a well-founded store of experience.

That is what Systor has set out to do with the Systor Praxis Academy, where experienced practitioners report on their everyday experience in projects, software development, and IT and business consulting. The speakers are active at the university level or have earned their spurs as speakers at distinguished institutions. The courses of the Systor Praxis Academy cover new topics and technologies, which can be provided either as company courses or as standard workshops, depending on the customer's wishes. The experts relate their experience and give tips in these courses, but they also reveal some of their stratagems and illustrate concrete problem-solving in the project setting. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, the fundamentals and concepts are worked up quickly and together so that no time is lost getting down to the "nitty-gritty". The attendees are enthusiastic: they say the courses are professional, relate to real-life situations and convey concrete know-how.

CRM for example
A joint study by Gartner Group and the University of Fribourg illustrates, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an example, how little practical relevance Swiss companies attribute to the theoretical opportunities of CRM. CRM, which is actually an integrated approach to customer care and new business acquisition and management, is often regarded by companies as a purely IT issue. A huge store of potential is simply left untapped; still worse, no one even knows it is there. The CRM Basic Workshop takes this into account, providing an overview of the basis for the "right" evaluation process, which needless to say gives sufficient attention to the CRM strategy.

E-project management for example
E-business projects involve special challenges compared with traditional software projects. Time-to-market is hugely important. Additional hurdles to be taken in any such project are hybrid system landscapes and complex technologies. The e-business customer, who is much more closely integrated in business processes in e-business than in the "old economy", often has a lot of say in the e-project. Lastly, now that the hype bubble has burst and e-depression has set in, internal and external pressure on e-business projects is greater than ever before. It hardly needs to be stressed how difficult the management of such projects is. In the e-project management workshop, Systor provides an insight into highly complex e-business projects that have been successfully completed and reports on the experience it has gained. One of the focal points is risk management, collaborative commerce and the interplay of conflicting interests in the e-business environment.

Company courses
f workshops are to be tailored precisely to the current project situation or space created for frank discussion about individual circumstances, the Systor Praxis Academy can offer a company course. The customer then sets the agenda as regards content, dates and venue. In all other respects the terms of the Praxis Academy program apply.

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