Kingland Systems Corporation and Investec Ernst & Company Extend Agreement for Options Black Box

Kingland Systems Corporation and Investec Ernst & Company are pleased to announce they have extended their agreement providing Investec Ernst with Kingland Systems' Options Black Box ("OBB") automated options routing system. Introduced in September 1998, OBB was the first automated options routing system to provide connectivity to multiple exchanges. Today OBB provides instantaneous access to all the major U.S. options exchanges: American Stock Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange, International Securities Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange.

The extension of Kingland System's agreement with Investec Ernst follows impressive growth in the number of firms utilizing OBB. Today, over 30 trading firms rely upon OBB to route more than a million options contracts a month. The Kingland - Investec Ernst relationship gives Investec Ernst the capacity for nearly unlimited growth.

"Our partnership with Investec Ernst is a success story that we look forward to building upon for years to come." states David Kingland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kingland Systems. "This strong relationship enabled us to establish OBB as an industry-leading routing solution, and it puts us at the forefront of new developments in a rapidly changing industry."

According to Stephen F. Doherty, Director of Trading Technology for Investec Ernst, the Kingland - Investec Ernst partnership continues to lead the way in options trading technology. "Kingland's Options Black Box continues to provide the simplest, fastest and best connectivity to the exchanges' trading systems. We're very pleased to build upon what has proven to be a tremendous partnership over the past three years."

OBB is part of Kingland Systems' suite of solutions designed to automate the front and middle office workflow of financial services organizations, such as brokerage firms, banks and insurance companies.

OBB runs on mainframe class computers in Kingland Systems' data center and utilizes advanced hardware, systems management and network management software to detect and minimize the impact of network or exchange outages. This investment in reliability lets firms focus on the options trading business and not worry about connectivity to the exchanges.

Kingland Systems maintains dual independent data centers, ensuring highly available and highly reliable systems for trading firms. Each data center is equipped with the most advanced hardware and software technology, such as high bandwidth connectivity to national and international networks, firewalls, routers, servers, systems management and network management software. These components are seamlessly integrated to maximize the performance, scalability, reliability and security of Kingland's applications. Kingland's data centers are synchronized using leading high availability and failover middleware, providing clients with almost no interruption in service even in the event of a disaster.

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