New Worldwide Record in Trading Volume at Eurex

Over 77 Million Contracts Traded in July
Record Volumes in Index Products Segment, in Euro STOXX and DAX Products
Euro STOXX Futures Rank Second in Contract Volume at Eurex

Frankfurt, Germany - August 1, 2002- Eurex the international derivatives market, set a new worldwide turnover record in July: With more than 77 million contracts traded, the world market leader clearly surpassed its previous record of 74 million contracts in turnover from July 2001.

Compared with the same month of last year (47.9 million contracts), Eurex showed a 62 percent increase in volume. During the first seven months of 2002, the derivatives market thus turned over more than 445 million contracts. Eurex also posted record volumes in individual products and product groups in July: A total of 24.5 million index contracts were traded at Eurex in July (previous record: 21.9 million contracts, June 2002), which corresponds to a 158 percent
increase over the July 2001 figure. In July the Euro STOXX 50 future became the second-strongest contract at Eurex, with 10.5 million contracts traded (366 percent more than in July 2001), setting a new turnover record (previous record: 9.8 million contracts, June 2002), as well as the corresponding Euro STOXX option, which showed 152 percent growth in volume to 4.9 million contracts traded. Turnover in the futures contract on the DAX, at more than 2 million contracts, was also twice as high as the July 2001 figure, beating the old record from September 2001 by some 20,000 contracts.

In July, for another month in a row, the highest-volume segment of the world market leader and world's most successful exchange-traded derivatives family was that of the capital market products, achieving its second-highest turnover to date with more than 40.5 million contracts traded (after 48 million contracts in November 2001) and topping its July 2001 volume by 41 percent. The most heavily traded contract in this segment and at Eurex as a whole was the Bund future with 18.2 million contracts traded (35.8 percent higher than in July 2001). Bobl futures volume was about 38 percent above the previous year's figure, rising to 9.5 million contracts, and the Euro-Schatz futures volume was 70 percent higher, with 10.1 million contracts traded.

Turnover of some 37 million contracts was posted in equity-based derivatives in July, comprising about 24.6 million contracts in equity index derivatives and about 12.3 million in equity options. A total of 196 million equity-based derivatives contracts have been traded at Eurex in 2002, more than 109 million of them in equity index derivatives and over 86 million contracts in equity
options. The strongest equity option at Eurex in July was the option on Deutsche Telekom, with some 2 million contracts traded, 36 percent higher than the volume traded in July 2001.

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