Metrics Partners Continues to Witness New Launches of Companies and Products

The wealth and asset management markets continue to be too tempting for some entrepreneurs to ignore. "The current US economy may be slowing down the rollout of new investment technology companies and products but it certainly is not stopping it. However, survivors must have a solution that is perceived by buyers as must have, nice to have just does not cut it today. " stated Kevin Adams, Metrics Partners, President.

Metrics Partners sees opportunities for emerging companies that have uncovered a niche either in functionality or are attacking creative new markets. Successful products from these technology companies typically address a very defined need often overlooked by the large enterprise technology providers in the wealth and asset management markets.

Today’s end-user buyers are savvy and emerging companies need a compelling value proposition. "The small company potential survivors in this space provide products to end-user buyers that either decrease expenses or increase revenues. If you can deliver both you have a chance for survival but no guarantees." Adams reported.

Metrics Partners is a sales outsourcing and advisory firm that assists emerging technology companies sell their products into the professional wealth and asset management markets.

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