Wealth Management Software plc has launched a new version of its groundbreaking LISA Document Manager system, extending the versatility of software that is already bringing major benefits to leading financial organisations.

LISA Document Manager system, introduced earlier this year, is already 'live' at Gerrard Private Bank, Hargreaves Lansdown and Goy Harris Cartwright. It has enabled them to achieve comprehensively automated document management in a matter of months. It is also in process of implementation at Nedcor Investment Bank International.

"The low implementation cost of LISA Document Manager should produce a return on investment within six months," said Paul Foll, Sales Director of Wealth Management Software, "and our first customers are already benefiting from the new dimensions it brings to them and their clients."

LISA Document Manager is intended to transform institutions of all types from a paper-bound to an electronic environment, while creating a definitive archive of every report ever produced. The software can be installed without any programming of interfaces, since it can simply read existing output files. In addition it can access any ODBC database for additional data required to improve the content of any documentation.

As a result the software can generally go live in a matter of weeks, for a cost that is a small fraction of previous generations of software – much more rapidly, easily and cost-effectively than companies tend to anticipate.

The latest version extends the original system’s functionality and versatility still further, and provides a unique form of "messaging hub" which ensures fast, accurate and stylish reporting to institutional or private customers. The optional Client Reporting module refines and accelerates communication, ensuring an exceptionally high level of service.

The LISA software is a generic solution for managing electronic or hard copy information within the financial sector. It can be used for almost any purpose that requires document production and archiving, reading in files, storing them automatically and transforming them into electronic output with full version control. As well as client reports, possible applications include reconciliation of corporate actions, imaging and workflow of customer documents, and modernisation of legacy systems. LISA Document Manager consists of two components.

LISA Document Broker is a set of tools that reads in any report file from any modern or legacy computer system, decomposes those files, and recomposes their content into HTML, e-mails, PDF files, Word documents and many other formats. A unique ability of the software is the total automation of high volume, complex documentation processes.

LISA Document Warehouse is integrated with Document Broker and enables the user to automatically create a high quality HTML based (as well as any other format) document repository for all electronically produced documents, and for scanned documents. It is possible to store images that are traditionally very difficult, such as CAD diagrams, photographs or complex graphics. Access to the Warehouse is entirely browser based.

"Companies still tend to believe that the implementation of automated document management software needs to be prolonged and expensive," said Paul Foll: "This is no longer true; our product proves that, even with software that is highly sophisticated, you can make a massive impact at a much lower costs than you’d expect -- and in a remarkably short time."

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