IDOM will offer LiveVault's Online Backup & Recovery Service as the standard
for protecting data in banking applications

MARLBOROUGH, MASS – JULY 31, 2002 – LiveVault Corporation,the leading provider of fully managed online backup and recovery services, and IDOM, the leading provider of banking automation products and management consulting services to the financial sector, today announced a partnership to provide data protection assurance to the banking industry. IDOM will offer the LiveVault Online Backup & Recovery Serviceä as a component of their suite of banking services and products. Using LiveVault's service, banks can protect both critical customer and regulatory data from harm.

Due to the sensitive, customer-centric nature of its financial data, a bank's
dynamic electronic information is its lifeblood. If the integrity of this data
were breached, it would be disastrous to any bank, and cause significant financial harm to its customers. LiveVault's Online Backup & Recovery Service automatically and continuously backs up server data to a secure, off-site Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM) facility, and makes it immediately available for recovery, should a bank suffer a disaster, system failure or human computing error. LiveVault's online service, coupled with IDOM's comprehensive range of disaster recovery consultancy services, is the complete solution to assist banks in meeting all their disaster recovery requirements.

Additionally, LiveVault's online service is the perfect complement to IDOM's
automated software solutions. IDOM's flagship financial product is REG-Reporter,which has become the de facto industry standard for automating banks' regulatory reporting needs. The company is also noted for DOC-Tracker, an innovative documentation and compliance management software application. Users can have peace of mind in knowing that their critical customer and regulatory data held within IDOM's products are being protected.

"Our clients run sophisticated banking applications that require a backup and
recovery solution that succeeds where traditional tape-based backup have historically failed," said Vincent Raniere, president and CFO of IDOM. "The LiveVault service is the standard for backup and recovery because it continually backs up customers'electronic data assets to a secure, remote vault where it will wholly restore should the need arise, promoting uncompromising business continuity."

Enterprise-Class Backup & Recovery for the Banking Industry

Major corporations in the banking industry with large data centers dedicate significant resources to backing up data and then moving it off-site. However, for small-and mid-sized banks that have servers outside of major data centers, tape-based backup is cumbersome, error-prone and presents significant risk of not fully restoring all data. LiveVault's fully managed Online Backup & Recovery Service reliably backs up data for these companies, and quickly and easily restores it when the need arises.

The LiveVault service is enabled by its IP-based Virtual Backup & Recovery Networkâ„¢ (VBN). The LiveVault VBN utilizes a range of technologies to securely and reliably transport data to an off-site vault located at an Iron Mountain facility.

"We're excited to extend our leadership into the banking vertical through our
partnership with IDOM, one of the leading banking technology consultants in the
industry," said Bob Cramer, president and CEO of LiveVault. "LiveVault enables
IDOM to extend its industry-leading solutions to include the data protection
and disaster recovery services that are critical to the banking industry."

Pricing and Availability
The LiveVault Online Backup & Recovery Service is available through IDOM immediately.

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