TMS2000 Development Receives CMM Level 2 Certification

Leading financial software company, SimCorp has been awarded CMM level 2 certification in recognition of the high standards and quality that is behind the development of its investment management system,TMS2000.

The award gives formal recognition to the TMS2000 development team’s predictability, which means the on-time delivery of requested functionality, controlled planning process and detailed tracking of activities.This ensures that customers of TMS2000 can rely upon the punctual release, twice a year, of software upgrades.

Before release, each software upgrade passes through an extensive and exacting test procedure.CMM accreditation provides formal acknowledge that TMS2000 customers can rely on the advancement of the product through a clearly defined development and management process.

"I am not aware of any other software company serving the financial services industry that has received CMM accreditation.I am very proud of the achievements of our development team," says Kjell Nordgard, managing director of SimCorp Ltd. "It demonstrates the total precision and reliability with which they engineer the software for our market leading investment management system, TMS2000."

The stringent standardisation of processes needed to achieve CMM accreditation has supported the rapid growth of SimCorp’s development department.In three years the department has grown three fold, from 50 employees in 1998 to 150 this year.
The standardised processes and an extensive training programme have ensured maximum effectiveness of the enlarged team. Having attained CMM level 2, the department now aims for level 3, which it expects to achieve by next year, 2002.

CMM (Capability Maturity Model) is a worldwide standard, established by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. It is a standard of excellence, which recognises the maturity of a software company in terms of quality, predictability, performance and effectiveness. Only very few development companies worldwide have received CMM accreditation and those that have are mostly in sensitive areas such as air or space travel.

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