PABA/Q goes international

Frankfurt, October 30th 2001
The ACTIS global banking system PABA/Q, a well established solution on the German market for decades, can now also be implemented abroad. Euro compliance, English user-interface and the confidence of many user banks in PABA/Q open the ways to the international markets.

"In the course of globalisation and in particular in the EU, the former national specific requirements are more and more being harmonised", declares the Frankfurter ACTIS Branch-Manager Carsten Zimmermann, "and there is an increasing demand for international solutions. Since we already comply with highly exigent legal banking requirements Germany, the cost of adapting PABA/Q to other national requirements is manageable."

Flexible and multilingual
The open architecture of PABA/Q and the built-in middleware PABA/Comm guarantee the necessary system flexibility and connectivity for interfacing.
A necessary prerequisite was managed with the multilingual facility (see uptodate 5): the user interface can now be delivered in German and English. If required, the user bank itself can easily define any additional language. In this case, each individual user can decide in which language he/she would like to work with PABA/Q.

PABA/Q in Poland and Malta
The existing ACTIS customers also concerned by the "internationalisation", are highly interested in this new enhancement. Banks that learned to estimate PABA/Q in its German environment are now also considering using the solution abroad. This is true both for international banks - a strong proportion of ACTIS clients base – as well as for German institutes wishing to expand into new markets.
As of today, two institutes have already implemented PABA/Q internationally:
-The Mitteleuropäische Handelsbank (MHB) created a sister company in Warsaw and is now also implementing PABA/Q in its Poland division.
-The Maltese sister company of the Akbank already uses PABA/Q.

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