Interfaces to XETRA and XONTRO

Frankfurt, October 30th, 2001
With the provision of interfaces to the trading platform XETRA as well as to the order routing, trading and processing system XONTRO (former BOSS-CUBE and BÖGA) ACTIS.BSP IT Services has again expanded its functional scope.

Outsourcing customers of ACTIS.BSP can now use this powerful direct connection to both online systems. Being interfaced to XETRA implies complying with strict specifications and the implementation is therefore technically very extensive.
ACTIS.BSP customers can choose to trade either:

-directly from BSP TRADE via the order module or
-via an own front-end system.

In both cases ACTIS.BSP IT Services installs for the respective client a dedicated XETRA server that is connected to the trading platform by an exclusive and highly available data line.The so-called XETRA MISS (Member Integrated System Server) guarantees among other things that all users can trade with equal rights on the XETRA system.All systems and lines are implemented redundantly in the computer centre in order to ensure a permanent availability.

Example Consors Capital Bank
If a bank trades via its own front-end system, then BSP TRADE receives the order execution Confirmation from the XETRA server in the ACTIS.BSP IT Services computer centre. The system receives all counterparty information with the XETRA time-stamped contract note.Consors Capital Bank AG belongs to the IT Services clients who are already using this alternative version of the XETRA interface. Its main office in Frankfurt am Main functions with an own front-end system. Consors Capital utilises an exclusive XETRA server at ACTIS.BSP IT Services to process transactions in BSP TRADE.

Outsourcing more attractive
The availability of XETRA and XONTRO interfaces makes the use of the ACTIS.BSP IT Services even more attractive: an extraordinarily large services palette is now available to banks who want free themselves from operational IT tasks. In addition to pure information processing, IT Services offers an established system and application know-how that clearly give an edge over competition.

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