Pulse Software and SAM Business Systems announce Strategic partnership.

"Together we can deliver a truly best of breed solution for the UK stockbroking market"

Who are we?
Pulse Software is fast emerging as the market leader in providing front and middle office solutions for the Private Wealth Management sector. Key functionality includes: PEP and ISA portfolio management, portfolio modelling and rebalancing, performance measurement, fully integrated CGT and sophisticated client and management reporting.

SAM’s InterSet product is widely acknowledged as a powerful modern Straight Through Processing solution for the back office. It already manages daily settlement volumes of up to £80bn across a range of prestigious banks and city firms.

Why are we forming a strategic partnership?
Many of the systems in the stockbroking marketplace are recognised for their high quality in comparatively narrow areas of functionality, which reflects the degree of specialisation required to produce first class solutions.

Like our respective clients we recognise the advantages of being able to provide an integrated stockbroking solution of the highest quality components.

But too frequently high quality independent components have not been easy to implement side by side. There are either operating system and database inconsistencies, or functional crossovers, or mismatched corporate partnerships - any of which can prevent effective and well integrated solutions operating front to back.

Pulse and SAM are uniquely well positioned to address these issues. Firstly the companies are well matched in location, size, structure and entrepreneurial culture. Secondly there is no crossover in functionality - with Pulse being a specialist front and middle office solution, while InterSet remains a specialist back end. And thirdly the technologies we have utilised are identical.

We have recognised that this presents us with an important and possibly unique opportunity to benefit from a strategic partnership.

What have we done?
During 2001 we have been working together to design a premium stockbroking solution, playing to the strengths of our respective front, middle and back office elements.

We believe 100% supplier co-operation at the interface between systems is the key to a Best of Breed solution, and we have addressed this thoroughly.

To further back this up we have each granted to the other the right to offer front-line support for the other’s product. We believe this is a unique display of our mutual confidence and recognises that our customers require a single dedicated point of contact regardless of the number of elements and interfaces in their solution.

The result is a better implementation of independently sourced elements than has previously been possible in this complex area of systems integration, and this is backed up by our unique on-going support proposition.

The Benefits
Our customers will benefit in the following key areas.

·The front office gets the best customer facing services on the market
·The back office gets the best straight through process on the market
·Technical departments get a properly constructed and proven system interface - both sides of which are supported from a single point.
·A phased approach to systems migration.

With this degree of co-operation we now offer a premium complete stockbroking solution at attractive prices only available from specialist independent providers.

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