* Reuters users gain access to Orbita * Market data costs cut

OpenTrade Technologies has announced a number of important extensions to its Orbita real time messaging software for trading rooms. Extensions include Alerts Server, Contribution Server, Delayed Data Server, and REI Server for Reuters users.

OpenTrade's chief executive Joel Jervis says, 'The extensions we are announcing today are good news for our many users in Financial Trading Rooms and for financial users who would like to take advantage of Orbita's unrivalled functionality and open architecture from the only independent trading room platform vendor.'

'Our Alerts Server will watch for market changes and tell you when they occur. Contributions Server enables big users like banks to make their market data available both inside the organisation and to users outside. Delayed Data Server means users can distribute market data after a fixed delay, saving the costs associated with real time market data. Our REI Server was designed in response to demand from Reuters 3000 users who want access to information and systems from a myriad of other application and information vendors and also the many benefits that Orbita brings to their trading environment.'

Alerts Server

Intensive business environments such as financial Trading Rooms make the generating of alerts essential. The volume of information and the speed at which it is delivered means that automatic prompting when pre-determined limits or positions are reached is a fundamental aspect of information management. In use by Banca Intesa for its internet share trading system, OpenTrade's Alerts Server enables users to define
the conditions that will generate 'action required' messages to individual users, applications or groups of users.

Contributions Server

Contributions Server enables financial institutions to publish static and real-time information to the global financial markets via all of the major information feed providers. In addition, OpenTrade Contributor enables information to be published, at no cost, for internal use by all permissioned spreadsheet and integrated applications users. The server can be used stand-alone, or as part of an integrated OpenTrade MDDS (Market Data Distribution Solution) using Orbita.

OpenTrade Contributions Server supports the contribution services of Reuters, Bridge, Bloomberg, and Primark, and is available on Windows NT, IBM AIX, Compaq Tru64 and Sun Solaris 2.6 operating systems.

Delayed Data Server

OpenTrade Delayed Data Server enables low or no cost, near real time market data to be delivered to an unlimited number of clients free of any exchange provider fees, including users accessing the data via a web browser.

Delayed Data Server provides a single methodology for the delay of data across all data sources, regardless of information provider or exchange, thereby simplifying the task of implementation across an enterprise. By defining the set of commonly requested data, the OpenTrade Delayed Data Server can be configured to automatically subscribe to the selected data in advance of user requests thereby ensuring instant access to the delayed data set. Not only does the Delayed Data Server provide instant access to a specific price but once the subscription is in place all subsequent updates to the data will also be delivered to the subscribing application or user.

OpenTrade's DDS can forward delayed, non time-critical data to other banking applications (in the middle or back office, for example) without incurring the charges associated with real time data. The DDS can either form part of an OpenTrade MDDS solution, add the delayed data capability to a Triarch environment, or may be implemented 'stand-alone' where there is no dealing room - in the case of a B2C web-dealing application, for example. DDS is available under Sun Solaris V2.6, IBM AIX V4.3, and Compaq Tru64 V4.0D

REI Server

The OpenTrade REI Server enables Reuters 3000 applications to operate in OpenTrade's open, information provider independent, real-time trading room environment. Users can take advantage of the proprietary Reuters 3000 environment alongside information and systems from a myriad of other application and information vendors.

In an OpenTrade system, the real time data Environment Interface (REI) Server is installed as an optional extension to OpenTrade's TradeDDE product. The TradeDDE/REI extension subscribes to data being published by an OpenTrade Datafeed Handler and delivers all real-time data to Reuters 3000 applications. In addition, simultaneous access to all major information provider's data feeds, third party applications and multimedia communications services are available using OpenTrade's advanced TradeWizard real-time workstation.

The OpenTrade REI Server supports a range of Reuters 3000 applications: Securities 3000 V2.34 (Equities 3000), Commodities and Energy 3000 V2.01,
Money 3000 V4.04, Securities 3000 V2.34, Markets 3000 V4.04, Reuters Trading Room V2.00-01.

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