Carr Sheppards Crosthwaite ‘Go Live’ With Pulse Portfolio Workbench

Carr Sheppards Crosthwaite (CSC) has gone live with Pulse Software System’s ‘Portfolio Workbench’. The result of a close collaboration between the two companies, ‘Portfolio Workbench’ is a browser-based solution designed to complement existing back office systems by providing value added portfolio management functionality to the portfolio managers.

Paul Mepham, Commercial Director at Pulse says, "CSC originally looked at our Windows based solution, Pulse Portfolio, and were impressed by the product’s functionality and its clear focus on the requirements of the retail portfolio management market. In keeping though with CSC’s in-house technical strategy it was decided to develop a ‘web enabled’ user interface to Pulse Portfolio.
First, they were keen to achieve ‘zero client deployment’. Having the business logic located on a central server obviously not only makes for a much easier ‘roll-out’, it also means that the portfolio manager is able to access the system from any PC that has a browser and ultimately Internet connection.
Second, being a fully browser enabled solution, the Pulse Portfolio Workbench is able to form an integral part of CSC’s strategy to present portfolio data and functionality to its own clients via the Web".

Over 100 portfolio managers within CSC will have access to Portfolio Workbench giving them, in a single environment, full access to portfolio data, including: transaction histories, cash positions, realised and unrealised capital gains and the ability to make complex inquiries into multi dimensional portfolio structures and groupings.

Portfolio Workbench also links into some of CSC’s in-house services, for example their research system which, dependant upon the stock or sector being viewed by the portfolio manager, will access the relevant internal research reports.

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