June 12, 2001 - On behalf of the partners at Kamakura Corporation, it is our pleasure to let you know that Shinsei Bank, Ltd., formerly known at the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan, has licensed the full Kamakura Risk Manager suite of risk management software products. Shinsei Bank joins Westpac Banking Corporation as the first financial institutions in the world which are able to use the same integrated software system for default probability estimation, credit exposure management, market risk calculations, net income and balance sheet simulation, value at risk on a credit adjusted basis, and matched maturity transfer pricing and performance measurement. Most institutions use as many as four or five vendors to supply this range of functionality. Shinsei Bank is one of the three banks originally chartered as long term credit banks in Japan. The Bank was purchased on February 9, 2000 by New LTCB Partners, an investment group formed by Ripplewood Holdings and other investors.

Kamakura Corporation is one of the leading firms world-wide in risk management information, processing and software. Kamakura’s clients include all five of the five largest banks in the world. Kamakura’s 30 risk management software and information clients range in size from $3 billion in assets to $1 trillion in assets. Kamakura risk management software is currently used in the United States, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Korea, and Hong Kong. Kamakura management has published six books and more than 100 publications on credit risk, market risk, and asset and liability management. Kamakura has a world-wide marketing alliance with Unisys and a number of other systems integrators who make Kamakura products available in almost every major city around the globe.

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