Chicago/29 June 2001: Cunningham Commodities, Inc. goes live on the floor of the CBoT with pocketcrossfire, Future Dynamics’ new handheld trading application.

Future Dynamics’ pocketcrossfire is a revolutionary use of true PDA technology, combining the benefits of leading-edge software with the convenience and flexibility of a wireless handheld PC.

“If you get your technical architecture right from the beginning, it’s easy to add different flavours of front-end without trying to squeeze your desktop application onto different platforms using expensive hardware and tools,” says Steve Chivers, Vice President of Future Dynamics.

Bill Cunningham, President of Cunningham Commodities, Inc. comments: “Future Dynamics continues to impress us with the number of innovative ideas they have, and the speed with which they deliver them into a real live market. Cunningham continues, “pocketcrossfire brings the screen into the pit and the handheld device adds another flexible tool for my traders.”

Cunningham remarks that pocketcrossfire, in addition to the web-based crossfire system, has dramatically increased the time his traders spend trading electronically.

“The advantage pocketcrossfire delivers is within its execution functionality,” adds Chivers. “While most handheld trading devices direct trades through complex order routing systems, pocketcrossfire delivers ‘raw’ electronic trade execution directly with the exchange while sharing a common platform with both Internet and office-based clients.”

pocketcrossfire allows clearing firms to take advantage of their floor presence while maintaining quick and efficient electronic access to the exchanges worldwide. pocketcrossfire also offers the following advantages as well:

· ‘Real-time’ trade executions with global exchanges
· Relevant market information such as market prices, order flow and market depth
· Global order book and position information in ‘real time’
· Up to the minute cash and position risk management

Currently, Cunningham Commodities, Inc. runs pocketcrossfire on the Compaq Ipaq handheld PC. The device allows traders to access a/c/e, GLOBEX 2, LIFFE, EUREX and MATIF exchanges electronically, thus trading globally and executing locally.

pocketcrossfire is the latest addition to the crossfire suite of trading applications produced by Future Dynamics. The suite includes crossfire, the professional desktop trading application, and crossfire.web, a true browser-based version for trading over the Internet anywhere, anytime. crossfire has recently become available on Fujitsu 3500 Pentablets as well.

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