The "Europportunities", a Tour de France for businesses deploying Euro projects.

A national program visiting eight French towns, from January to April 2001, organized in partnership with INFOCERT (NF Euro compatibility certificate), the European Association of Electronic Commerce (ECE), BNP-Paribas and the XRT distribution network.

XRT, world leader in cash management and banking communication solutions, has partnered with three major players to offer an information package within the Europportunities framework. This package addresses key Euro project factors, and provides companies with the means to construct a real business strategy and develop a Euro transition and shift plan :

BNP-Paribas, one of the French banks most involved in Euro projects
Infocert, an organization commissioned by AFNOR, which certifies the NF labels including the NF Euro computability certificate (NF-CEC)
ECE Electronic Commerce Europe, a non profit-making organization based in Brussels whose aim is to study and recommend best practices and tools in order to compile a reference body for electronic commerce. ECE also brings together initiatives promoting the entry and acceptance of the net-economy.

The "Europportunities" - a value-added process

Over the next few months, the changeover to the single currency will impact on business information systems, supplier and client relations and financial flow management. The switch to the euro on 1st January 2002 - the date when sales, purchases, payslips, management and accounting operations will all be carried out exclusively in euros - needs to be anticipated and prepared by all businesses during the transition period. The Euro project constitutes a real opportunity in terms of organization as well as information systems.

In order to provide concrete answers to questions raised by businesses, XRT has created the Europportunities - a one-day program - tackling key project factors and principal decisions which need to be taken, as well as the most appropriate solutions. In collaboration with its partners, XRT proposes to capitalize on these 'euro experiences' within the framework of practical workshops ranging from methodology right through to changeover scenarios. 13 events to take place across the country starting February 6, 2001

A multi-discipline team, made up of project leaders, as well as functional and technical consultants, whose experience encompasses all the required skills - banking and third party relations, cash and exchange risk etc. - will lead the seminars.

A large part of these seminars will be dedicated to case studies of SMEs, SMMEs, and groups, with the support of the XRT French distribution network: Apsara, Avista, Dimo, Finopsys, Idenor, Mata, Mercuria, and XRT Paris Sud. The testimonies of companies, such as LVMH, Toyota and Origny, that have established a structured Euro project and whose shift has already taken place, will highlight these experiences.

During the Europportunities period, XRT customer assistance will set up a dedicated hotline : XRT Euroline, which will both support and accompany XRT clients in their Euro projects.

The dedicated site: provides all the necessary information about Europportunities, including the possibility to register on-line. "Indigo" telephone number: 08 25 00 10 21.

06 February Paris
20 February Nantes
27 February Paris
01 March Lyon
06 March Strasbourg
08 March Aix
13 March Paris
15 March Paris
20 March Rennes
22 March Agen
27 March Lille
29 March Lyon
03 April Paris

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