TAS Tecnologia Avanzata dei Sistemi S.p.A.-Gestitres provides e- trading on foreign markets through TAS technology

GESTITRES has chosen TAS’ software Teletrading to achieve Straight Through Processing in international securities trading. The French Bank owned by both Groupe Caisse d’Epargne/Caisse des depôts and Crédit Lyonnais, currently manages 4,5 millions of securities accounts and executes between 16 and 17 millions of orders per year.

Teletrading enables Gestitres and its customers to trade securities on international markets in few seconds and with full reliability, thanks to a Straight Through Processing architecture. Teletrading really integrates
the communication among different trading systems as well as the connection of all the applications concerned.
Teletrading is a "middleware", it enables STP, real time monitoring, control and management of trading order flows and clearing /settlement and reconciliation processes. TAS, with the installation of its software at
Gestitres, confirms its progress from an Italian leadership to a significant presence beside the leading companies in the european financial market.

According to Gestitres, "Thanks to TAS Teletrading, Gestitres is one of the first French companies with a ‘full STP’ procedure that allows the access to all international markets withouth interruptions. TAS fascinated us because of its global offer that frees its users from interconnection problems, as Teletrading allows a real dialogue with all kinds of comunication protocols."
On the other hand, Mr. Busnello, TAS’ Chairman, stated: "This installation confirms once again the added value that Teletrading brings to its users in different European markets. The potential and value, together with software development and customer service capability of TAS Group, guarantee today unmatched solutions in the financial technology scenario. We are glad that our products are adopted by important European organisations and we are confident of a more and more European future."

GESTITRES, specialised in outsourcing back-Office of securities, owned by both Groupe Caisse d’Epargne/Caisse des depôts and Crédit Lyonnais. The company manages about 4,5 millions of securities accounts and executes between 16 and 17 millions of stock orders and OPCVM instructions per year. GESTITRES proposes to its Customers (network of Caisse d’Epargne, banks, Stock Exchanges and e-brokers) services of order collection, routing, accounts management,
settlement, custody, management of taxation and communications aspects for retail customers.

TAS SpA, listed on the Milan Nuovo Mercato as of May 2000, is the Italian market leader in the segment of linkage between banks, brokers and the stock Exchange. TAS software enables online transfer, negotiation and settlement of
stock market orders. Through strategic corporate acquisitions and the development of new services, TAS is now expanding its business in developing products and services for online trading, Web banking and e-commerce, both
business-to-business and business-to-consumer. TAS today is present in Italy (Rome, Milan and Verona), in France with TAS FRANCE (Paris and Sophia Antipolis) and in Spain with TASESPAÑA (Madrid).

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