SS&C's Finesse v. 2001 Delivers Faster, More Accurate Dynamic Financial Analysis

Windsor, Connecticut, December 6, 2001-SS&C Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:
SSNC), a leading provider of software solutions and services to the
insurance industry, today announced the release of Finesse(tm) version 2001.
Finesse is the leading Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) tool for the
property/casualty market. This latest release delivers improvements in both
speed and accuracy of the modeling process.

Finesse's new "Virtual Asset Tank," which is one of the crowning features in the release, significantly elevates the bar for industry DFA modeling solutions. Virtual asset proxies are now user-defined and can be "tuned" to closely match a portfolio's valuation and income projections.
This configuration element of Finesse will allow a much higher degree of accuracy in financial statement projections.

The new data write routine enables Finesse simulations to be run 50% faster,
which equates to processing 1000 iterations in about an hour. Also, the new
"Dynavar Wizard" adds efficiency to the modeling process by allowing users
to create multiple Dynamic Variables on the fly. Further, the new Finesse release allows companies to reforecast their financial projections on a monthly or quarterly basis.

"Often DFA modelers are required to make trade-offs between 'detail and accuracy' and 'processing time and convenience'. Our unique approach to asset modeling will truly set a new standard, as our clients will not have to choose one at the expense of the other," said Bret Price, Senior Vice President of Sales at SS&C.

"SS&C's clients set the standard for Dynamic Financial Analysis, and their
companies will continue to reap the benefits of improved decision making
with Finesse," Price continued.

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