BSSI appointed as Visualization & Data Management Center of Excellence

December 2001 - The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) announced today that it has expanded the role of Bergen Software Services International (BSSI), from a NAG IRIS Explorer Center of Excellence to a Visualization and Data Management Center of Excellence. The expanded role focuses on consulting and development services for clients. These services will involve NAG's products including:

·NAG’s C and Fortran Libraries
·NAG Data Mining Components
·IRIS Explorer
and BSSI’s products including:
·X-Insight Java class library
·IMASP Boundary Integral library

"We wanted to recognize the work that BSSI has been doing in developing problem solving environments for diverse industries such as automotive, energy, and oil and gas,” commented Dr Brian Ford, Director of NAG. “Their long experience with using the NAG Libraries and IRIS Explorer makes this expanded role a natural development for both them and us. This Center will provide significant benefits to customers of both companies, since it will give them access to the vast experience of BSSI in these fields, coupled with the extended back-up of NAG's world-wide commercial and development infrastructure."

BSSI began using NAG Libraries in the early 1970s, and in 1994 IRIS Explorer became a central component in BSSI's family of three-dimensional visualization products, AVIZIER. BSSI has more than thirty years’ experience in analyzing, visualizing, and managing data from a variety of industrial computational problems in areas of oil and gas, energy, environment, automotive, and finance.

Dr Patrick Gaffney, CEO of BSSI, said: "IMASP is an initiative from BSSI to promote the increased use of mathematical modeling and simulation to gain insight for the solution of industrial problems."
IMASP has two objectives:

(1)To provide industries with consulting services and essential software components for advanced mathematical and statistical methods combined with subsystems for simulation, visualization, and data management.
(2)To provide an environment where students are exposed to the design and implementation of algorithms in solutions for industrial operational environments.

"The intention is to achieve these objectives by partnering with eminent authorities, Fortune 500 companies, and suitable departments of first class Universities. NAG is the pre-eminent authority on numerical and statistical software libraries and is a natural partner for BSSI. The philosophies of both companies are to produce high-quality software components for use in industrial operational environments. The expanded role for BSSI will broaden the use of mathematics and statistics through our server-centric application providers and it will broaden the customer base for such applications by distributing dynamic content to desktop and mobile/wireless devices."

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