INTERMEG LAUNCHES “IntelliForm™”REVOLUTIONIZING THE WAY WE GIVE AND GET DATA.-New data collection method provides flexibility and convenience.

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y, December 11, 2001–Intermeg announced today its IntelliForm Technology™,a new paradigm to customize and deploy database driven information collection for enterprise systems, will debut this month.
"IntelliForm," is a quasi-intelligent, platform, language independent multi-threaded,extremely scalable technology; that provides companies and consumers with flexibility and convenience.

How is IntelliForm different? This new technology manipulates what, how, and when data is collected (validation and dependencies), and offers a swift and reliable deployment of Internet-Enterprise data collection systems with XML and PDF support.
"Businesses want to deploy cutting-edge technologies at rapid speed, our team
understands their needs," says Avrohom S. Pereymer, president and chief executive officer of Intermeg. "They want to keep their own systems and yet provide clients with cutting-edge flexibility and convenience. Now IntelliForm can provide both."

IntelliForm’s built in intelligence simulates human logic of interaction with question dependencies and data validations. The IntelliForm technology revolutionizes the deployment and implementation effort required to build and deliver complex data capture e-systems in an incredible time frame and cost.
According to Charnjiv Singh, Intermeg's Senior Architect, any company can savoir the bottom line impacting savings on development costs. "Once deployed by an entity," he says, "data collection elements and the accompanying rules (validation, format, dependency etc) can be displayed, modified and manipulated by a business analyst as opposed to a software developer in a fraction of the time that it would take a conventional software developer. The Software code is not impacted, all changes and amendments are made in the database by IntelliForm and the IntelliForm Design does the rest."

IntelliForm maximizes your efficiency by simply harnessing the value of your core back-office systems, bringing the cost of expertise, and timeframe of deployment, down below current practices.

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