InterMoney Energía S.A. Joins FEA Alliance Partner Program

April 5, 2001 - Berkeley, CA, USA and Madrid, Spain

InterMoney Energía S.A., a unit of the CIMD Group, has joined Financial Engineering Associates, Inc. (FEA) as an FEA Alliance Partner. Now a distributor of FEA’s analytic software programs, InterMoney Energía can offer its clients the derivative pricing and value-at-risk software technologies used to manage market risk in the energy and power industries worldwide.

Dr. Carlos Blanco, Director of FEA Support and Education, led InterMoney Energía’s first FEA seminar for energy industry professionals, April 5 and 6, 2001, in Madrid, Spain. He commented: "InterMoney Energía directly serves the growing need for energy risk management in the Spanish energy and power markets. While the European energy industries undergo rapid, fundamental change, InterMoney Energía’s partnership with FEA brings both companies together at the heart of one of the most important, dynamic markets in Europe."

InterMoney Energía Director General Miguel Ángel Lasheras adds, "Our clients recognize that managing energy risk demands highly-responsive, structured investment strategies. FEA is the worldwide leader in derivative pricing, market modeling and financial forecasting software for the energy and power markets. By partnering with FEA, InterMoney Energía brings to its clients the market’s most advanced risk management tools combined with the comprehensive research, training and brokerage services of InterMoney Energía and CIMD."

Professionals with interests in Spain’s energy and power markets rely on InterMoney Energía’s technology and training expertise for guidance in their energy investment, trading and hedging activities. As an FEA Alliance Partner, InterMoney Energía serves traders and marketers of energy-related assets with proven FEA technology to price intricate energy and power transactions; engineer protective hedging strategies; and manage the risks inherent in their complex commodity and derivative portfolios. With its data and trading service on the internet,, InterMoney Energía delivers direct Spanish-language access to the international electricity, gas and oil markets. features up-to-the-minute news and commentary, market data and analysis, as well as online information about energy derivatives trading and risk management products, including FEA’s @ENERGYÃ’ suite of derivative pricing tools and VaRworksÃ’ value-at-risk market risk management software. Visit to learn more.

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