London, 3rd April 2001 - Rolfe & Nolan, the world's leading supplier of
processing technology for futures and options, has announced a major
collaborative initiative to deliver a set of brand new processing and
information systems.

The initiative is being co-ordinated by Rolfe & Nolan with the active
participation of UBS Warburg, The Royal Bank of Scotland and two other
global banks. Each is contributing time and money to the venture. Rolfe &
Nolan is drawing on their combined global expertise to prioritise the new

The project - codenamed 'Project Merlin' - will deliver a functionally
superior suite of platform-independent components which can be rapidly
integrated into existing processing environments, while at the same time
setting out a new workflow and data architecture for the future.

"This is not a big bang approach," commented John Lodge, Rolfe & Nolan's
chief executive, "but a steady rollout of new technology which adds value
at each stage. The resulting systems will offer our clients greatly
improved transaction processing efficiencies, and even better control of
the business."

Rolfe & Nolan expects the state-of-the-art systems to open up new markets
for them as well. "There's a whole new audience of market participants
becoming involved in exchange trading." said Geoff Maskell, Rolfe & Nolan's
sales and services director. "Whether it's energy, single stock futures or
new types of exchange trading on the Internet, there's an underlying need
for efficient, secure transaction processing. We intend to gain a leading
share of that business and the Project Merlin initiative ensures we'll be
able to continue to grow our share in the years ahead."

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