Unitech’s New INsulateä Software Prevents Data Errors from Entering Business Information Systems

First-of-its-kind scalable solution that profiles, validates and filters incoming data and prevents corruption of information systems

Naperville, IL, November 6, 2000) – Unitech Systems, Inc., the world leader in developing and implementing Information Integrity solutions, has launched INsulate,ä a scalable software solution that detects invalid business transactions and prevents them from entering internal applications.

As the widespread use of the Internet, e-Commerce and straight-through processing continues to accelerate the speed of business, the risk of information errors grows exponentially. INsulateä gives companies in data-intensive or transaction-oriented industries the ability to profile and validate data, especially those transactions over which they have no control, e.g., streaming data arriving via the Internet. INsulateä protects against inaccurate, incomplete and unreliable data that can corrupt internal systems.

"Companies are responsible for the data they process – regardless of the source. The unprecedented data filtering capabilities of INsulateä greatly reduce the risk of external data errors entering internal applications," said David M. Smith, Unitech’s Company Operations Leader. "INsulateä actually prevents flawed or corrupted information from propagating internally to integrated systems and externally to customers or partners."

INsulateä is the second new product in Unitech’s recently introduced INformation INtegrity Management Suite of software solutions. While INsulateä prevents invalid data from even entering the application stream, its sister product, INstream,ä monitors transactions and detects any errors within an application process. The members of the suite work closely together to offer end-to-end Information Integrity.

INsulateä offers the following unique 3-step process to protect information systems:

1. Validate: Test the following transaction characteristics :

* Format – text, numeric, etc.
* Content – values and ranges
* Context – consistency between dependent fields
* Error rate – frequency of failure

2. Profile: Create a snapshot of the distribution of data values across an entire set of transactions

3. Filter: Separate invalid transactions from incoming data and prevent them from entering internal systems

INsulateä can be easily implemented in any message-oriented environment, since it uses middleware such as IBM’s MQSeriesâ or TCP/IP to communicate with information systems. It is especially suitable for companies that need to protect their mission-critical systems from processing inaccurate B2B e-commerce transactions, allowing erroneous legacy data to penetrate their data warehouses or delivering invalid content to customers.
About Unitech Systems

For more than 15 years, Unitech Systems, Inc. has been recognized worldwide as a leader in Information Integrity services and solutions. It has more than 600 customers, including hundreds of Global 2000 corporations in such industries as data services (American Express, VISA, Mastercard), Banking and Finance (Citigroup, Chase Manhattan Bank, Fidelity Investments), telecommunications (AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, SBC Communications) and insurance (Aetna, Prudential).

Headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, the company has seven regional offices throughout North America as well as international offices and affiliates in Europe, Australia and Latin America.

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